Using AI To Develop Movies Isn't As Bad As It Sounds ... Yet

“Computer, make me a good movie that appeals to all demographics. Scratch that – make it a great movie.”
Using AI To Develop Movies Isn't As Bad As It Sounds ... Yet

It's only a matter of time before Hollywood creates a machine that makes all their movies for them. While that tech isn't exactly here yet, we might already be at its dawning as Warner Bros. has announced it'll be using an AI program that will help predict a film's success. The company behind the tech is called Cinelytic, a name that sounds like it's going to lecture you on why Joker is cinema then try to convince you to be an angel investor on its new startup for a caffeine energy drink for babies. Their purpose is to supply studios with analytical data, that humans will have to interpret on their own, so they can make better-informed gut calls.

The general fear is that the AI eats data from past Hollywood successes, recognizes the patterns, and shits out more of the same to the detriment of Hollywood's underrepresented original voices. Thankfully, the actual way that the system sounds like it works makes it seem less like a magic box, that spits out billion-dollar franchises starring only scruffy Chrises, than a Wordpress search engine optimization plugin that reminds you that saying "shit nuggets" in an article title lowers its clickability score.

Using AI To Develop Movies Isn't As Bad As It Sounds ... Yet
Can't wait for the day it comes up with an idea for a guaranteed hit that bombs yet still lands the AI a better job at a different studio

Still, you have to imagine that right now there's a studio executive on a golf course in L.A. verbally abusing his caddie because he's nervous that he might get replaced by a machine. How will he survive on a severance package of only $10 million?

If this AI data system results in even one hit, expect deep analytics to take over Hollywood the way it has the NBA. For instance, the data suggested that teams that shoot more three-pointers would have a greater chance of winning. That's why, on one hand, you have the modern Golden State Warrior dynasty, and on the other, you have 29 also-rans who are shooting more god-awful bricks than ever. So, enjoy this period of relative calm before Cinelytic's AI system tells everyone that movies based on prizes from coin-operated machines are the only way to succeed. And who will we be to argue when we empty our bank accounts to see the first crossover movie between the super bouncy ball and that sticky stretchy hand thing?

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