Can The 'A Quiet Place: Part II' Trailer Keep It Down Please

Can The 'A Quiet Place: Part II' Trailer Keep It Down Please

Good news for people who love irony, as 2018's horror hit A Quiet Place made enough noise to attract a sequel. So in anticipation of its March 2020 release, the movie has finally stopped dragging its dirty bare feet and released a ... a tr... A TRAIL... I'M SORRY, THIS TRAILER FOR A QUIET PLACE IS SO LOUD I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!

A Quiet Place: Part II (alternate UK-title: The Shushening 2) continues to tell the story of the Abbott family as they tip-toe around post-apocalyptic America dodging aliens that hate noise.

And despite director/writer/camera starer at'er John Krasinski passing the sexy hobo beard to new co-lead Cillian Murphy, the prequel and/or sequel doesn't seem that much different from the original in that it's still clearly Krasinki's way of making a horror movie out of his suburban dad worries, like kids leaving the light on in the shed...

Can The 'A Quiet Place: Part II' Trailer Keep It Down Please
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Or the stress of picking up to pick someone up at the mall but the alien monsters have taken all the good parking spots.

That's Dad. That's Dad! Dad! Wimara2waa wha
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What has changed is how gosh darn noisy everything is. While the first movie's trailer set up a world so breath-holdingly quiet you'd think its stepdad had been drinking, A Quiet Place: Part II even turns every sound up to eleven. And we're talking about the appropriately terrifying explosions of jangling bottles or shotguns racking, but even desperate whispering and the crickets are so loud in this world it's now canon that nobody attending an open mic show survived the first ten seconds of the apocalypse.

Speaking (shhh) of babies, while you'd think that carrying around something that would piss off most airplane cabins, let alone the kind of monsters that'll eviscerate you for messing with a particularly crinkly hard candy wrapper, a screaming infant seems to be the least of the survivors' worries. As hobo-Murphy explains, that's because A Quiet Place: Part II is the kind of horror movie where you should be scared of the survivors as "the people that are left, they're not the kind of people worth saving." Oh really, Rick Grimes knockoff, it's humans that are the real monsters? Because if post-apocalyptic movies have taught us anything, it's that raiders are a pretty loud bunch by nature, so unless every psycho-killer had the good sense to run around with pillows tied to their feet and attack travelers with pool noodles, our money's still on the nigh-impenetrable alien monsters.

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