Tarantino May Beam Himself Out of That 'Star Trek' Project

Tagline: Set your phasers to: 'Yeah, I saw that coming'
Tarantino May Beam Himself Out of That 'Star Trek' Project

When it was announced that Quentin Tarantino was working on a new (potentially R-rated) Star Trek film, fans' imaginations went wild with possibilities; will Kirk drop F-bombs? Will Uhura spend the entire movie in bare feet? Will the Enterprise have an on-board '50s diner that only plays obscure Stax B-sides?

Despite the fact that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood director kept assuring people that he was attached to a new Trek project, people had good reason to be skeptical. For one, Tarantino has a long history of unmade franchise productions. He famously wanted to reboot the Bond franchise with a black and white adaptation of Casino Royale, set in either the '50s or '60s. He quit because the studio didn't want to bring back his "favorite" Bond, Pierce Brosnan. He also considered making The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and wanted to direct a Luke Cage movie back before even Pulp Fiction.

It was also recently announced that Noah Hawley, of TV's Fargo and that diaper-less diaper astronaut movie everyone already forgot about, is writing and directing a new Star Trek movie. So what about Tarantino's script, presumably set in an alternate reality where Khan and his goons are beaten to death by washed-up movie stars? Well, according to Tarantino in a recent interview he's "steering away from Star Trek" although he admits he hasn't "had an official conversation with those guys yet".

Tarantino also provided more info on yet another popular franchise he narrowly avoided contributing to: Halloween. Tarantino was attached to work on the sixth installment in the Halloween series, and perhaps not surprisingly, his version involved violence and eateries. His idea found Michael Myers and a mysterious companion hitting the road, only stopping at coffee shops, "leaving a trail of bodies on Route 66". Which could have been fun, but with all those years locked up in a sanitarium you have to imagine that Myers' pop-culture banter is somewhat lacking anyway.

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