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Whether you went disco or hard rock, the 1970s were all about beats and bulges. And no music label knew that better than Casablanca Records, which had become filthy rich off of the respective rowdiness of KISS and the Village People. And so to round out the decade, the label seemingly decided to combine the two into an unholy union that was 100% sex and 0% heteronormative.

That steaming pile of sound was the Skatt Bros., which was formed in 1979 and lead by the unofficial fifth member of KISS, Sean Delaney. Under the label, Skatt Bros. made only one album, Strange Spirits, and with songs like Midnight Companion, Dancin' For The Man and the Chris Hansen-baiting Old Enough, it might be the horniest collection of gentleman-friendly songs ever put together. But the rough (and boy do we mean rough) gem in the pile has to be Life At The Outpost, whose lyrics, music and especially video all embody the essence of what it means to ride hard.

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The music video of Life At The Outpost tried to mingle the story of hard lovin' cowboys with the vibe (and mustaches) of a '70s gay porno. Not a shot is wasted to sell the cowboys-riding-cowgirl(s) aesthetic evoked by the song, with lingering shots of glistening pecs and bold cinematographic choices like making it look like we're staring through a glory hole at a bunch of sweaty dudes grinding like their paychecks depend on it.

The kind of music that can poke your eye out.Casablanca RecordsThe kind of music that can poke your eye out.

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But the video was screwing people over in more ways than obvious. The men in this leather daddy anthem weren't actually the members of Skatt they had been deemed un-bangable. Instead, the record company had rounded up a bunch of random Golds Gym rejects to take their shirts off and cake their beef all over a dank basement bar.

It's Casual Friday at the dude ranch again.Casablanca RecordsIt's Casual Friday at the dude ranch again.

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Sadly, even their unchoreographable sex appeal couldn't save the band from obscurity and the Skatt Bros. only found any fame by going down -- under, to Australia, where they released a second album. But after 30 years of thrusting in obscurity, the band is currently having a bit of a renaissance. Their BDSM-flavored bonafide banger Walk The Night has been featured on the HBO show The Righteous Gemstones and on the tracklist of Grand Theft Auto IV. And with lyrics like "He's got a rod beneath his coat // He's gonna ram right down your throat" it's only a matter of time before their music gets its dewy due.

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