Watch Whitney Houston's Ghost- Uh, Hologram, In Concert

The upcoming Whitney Houston hologram world tour is the ghoulish concert even we've been waiting for?
Watch Whitney Houston's Ghost- Uh, Hologram, In Concert

Yesterday I wrote about how bands like Korn, The Offspring, and EDM DJ Marshmello are performing "live" concerts in videos games. But let's assume that headbanging while wrecking demons isn't your thing. Maybe you wanna dance with (a computer recreation of) somebody. You wanna feel the H.E.A.T. (Holographic Entertainment & Arts Technology) with somebody. If that's more your thing, then the upcoming Whitney Houston hologram world tour is the ghoulish concert event you've been waiting for.

Following in the disturbing digital footsteps of the Tupac hologram, the tour kicks off this January in Mexico, then continues to Europe, all while singlehandedly creating countless new spooky folktales about a ghostly singer who hauntingly vows that she will always love you. "An Evening With Whitney" will pair a hologram of the famously dead singer with backup singers, dancers, and a band, who are all alive enough to be startled awake on their tour bus by dark visions of an angry Whitney crying blood and screaming at them to release her spirit from its digital prison.

If you're genuinely grossed out by the holographic resurrection of beloved pop stars, the only thing you can do is get used to it. If the puppeteered bodies of the rich and famous prove to be cash cows for their estates, this will become the norm.

One day Madonna will die, and the next day, her pixelated doppelganger will headline shows at Madison Square Garden, because her already-rich kids have to eat ... That is, until everybody has a hologram machine in their home so they can upload pirated copies of Whitney, Elvis, and Drake. Modders will eventually manipulate these into doing things that will be objectively funny, as well as many more things that will be objectively pornographic.

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