What? HBO Won't Be Remaking The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale?

Who could've seen this coming?
What? HBO Won't Be Remaking The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale?

Before the internet, fans dissatisfied with their favorite TV shows simply had to channel all of their disappointment and rage into blowout fights with friends and loved ones. Thankfully, in the 21st century, whenever a popular series screws up, we can simply sign an online petition demanding that millions of dollars and thousands of hours of labor be spent to make the amusing stories on our picture boxes slightly more palatable.

After Game Of Thrones ended its run with a beloved character randomly deciding to commit mass murder in the same amount of time most of us would spend randomly deciding to go out for ice cream, people were pissed. Fans started a Change.org petition demanding that HBO "remake" the final season with "competent writers."

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While this may seem laughably petulant, the petition got over a million and a half signatures. To put that in perspective, a 2017 Change.org petition to "Fix the water crisis in Flint Michigan" got fewer than 1,500. But to be fair, no one in the Michigan government made a subpar dragon show. Now HBO has actually commented on the petition -- and surprisingly, their comment wasn't just the sound of laughter reverberating throughout a Scrooge-McDuck-like money vault.

During a promotional event, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys was asked about the backlash, and specifically the petition. He initially praised the effort for showing "a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the show," before adding that (*gasp*) remaking the entire final season of Game Of Thrones was not something HBO ever "seriously considered." Nor could he "imagine another network would."

But hey, since everyone's been piling on the dum-dums behind the petition, we should point out that many fans have done some actual good. The same subreddit that birthed the petition wanted to show that "even though fans have been very vocal in their disappointment with the conclusion of the series, none of that is directed at the cast and crew." So they collectively raised over $25,000 for Emilia Clarke's charity SameYou, which helps people recovering from brain injuries and strokes. So this story ended up having a better ending than ... well, you know.

Update: Game of Thrones fans have now raised over $130,000 for Emilia Clarke's SameYou charity, and over $60,000 for Mencap, an organization benefiting people with learning disabilities, which is supported by Kit Harrington.

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