Spoilers For The New Terminator Movie Are Getting Weird

It's the craziest thing to happen to 'Terminator' since whatever happened in the last movie.
Spoilers For The New Terminator Movie Are Getting Weird

Potential SPOILERS for Terminator: Dark Fate ahead.

Like its titular robot villain, the Terminator series has proven to be relentless and unkillable. Case in point, this fall sees the release of Dark Fate, the latest addition to the films' Jenga tower of continuity. While it brings back Linda Hamilton in her iconic role of Sarah Connor, the first trailer featured no trace of John, her son who saves humanity and sends his own dad back in time to hook up with her. It's either beautifully poignant or super gross, depending on how you look at it.

So who's playing John Connor? This question was answered at the San Diego Comic-Con by none other than James Cameron, who serves as a producer on the movie. Live from the set of the Avatar sequels, Cameron (or a lifelike CGI facsimile) addressed the massive Hall H crowd. While discussing Hamilton's return, he casually mentioned that "Eddie Furlong is back as John," before going on to chat about the rest of the cast as if nothing was amiss.

Umm, what? Edward Furlong played a young John Connor back in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but hasn't been in a ton of high-profile projects since (although he did show up in a Star Trek fan series starring the dude who played Chekov). Cameron's surprise announcement wasn't without controversy, as post-T2, Furlong has a history of domestic abuse arrests. But Furlong's role in the movie may not be as cut and dry as we thought.

Seriously, possible SPOILERS ahead ...

According to reports, Furlong technically isn't in the movie, at least not physically. A child actor has been hired to play John Connor, with Furlong's face digitally pasted on top. Even weirder, modern-day Furlong will give a "brand-new performance," presumably through motion capture. Meaning that this movie will transform a middle-aged dude into his childhood self, like some kind of reverse Zoltar machine from Big. Sadly, this seems to imply that John might actually die in this movie, which would explain both his absence in the trailer and the "Dark Fate" of the title. No word yet if Furlong is planning on using the same technology to resurrect his Japanese pop music career.

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