Disney Deleted A Weirdly Dark Joke From 'Toy Story 2'

Stinky Pete just got #MeTooed.
Disney Deleted A Weirdly Dark Joke From 'Toy Story 2'

Before heading out to the multiplex to enjoy the wacky hijinks and bleak existential malaise of Forky in Toy Story 4, kids (and adults with too much time on their hands) may want to revisit the previous entries in the franchise; from the first movie where Woody and Buzz meet, to the third one in which they almost burn to death before our tear-filled eyes. Some fans have noticed that the version of Toy Story 2 available digitally and on the newest Blu-ray release has been slightly altered. Disney has reportedly removed a segment from the "blooper reel" that doesn't exactly fly in 2019.

The scene in question sees prospector toy Stinky Pete creeping on two Barbies, promising them "a part in Toy Story 3," presumably for whatever kind of sexual favor doesn't involve the genitals that none of them have.

It's kind of surprising that this joke was ever in a Disney movie to begin with, not least of which being that the voice actor behind Stinky Pete, Kelsey Grammer, was accused (though ultimately not indicted) of sexually assaulting his 15-year-old babysitter just four years before. And this bit plays especially poorly today. Thanks to Harvey Weinstein (the Stinky Pete of Hollywood) we've all learned how real and despicable "casting couch" tactics are in the movie business. Not to mention how the co-director of Toy Story 2, John Lasseter, was recently forced to leave Disney after it was revealed that Pixar's female employees literally "developed a defensive posture they referred to as 'the Lasseter'" to avoid his attentions.

So this is one instance where Disney Lucas-ing their old movies doesn't seem so bad. And for those craving oddly out-of-place sexual innuendo in Toy Story 2, good news: Disney hasn't touched the scene where Buzz gets the hots for Jessie and pops a wing boner.

Disney Deleted A Weirdly Dark Joke From 'Toy Story 2'
The world still mourns Randy Newman's decision not to compose a heartwarming song about Buzz Lightyear's raging libido.

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