This Is Probably The Worst Movie of 2019, And It's Only July

This Is Probably The Worst Movie of 2019, And It's Only July

Have you ever watched an episode of Frasier and thought, "You know what would improve this? The social commentary of an uncle banned from Thanksgiving." Then do we have the filmmaker for you. His name is Jeremy Saville, and he recently went small-time viral after the trailer came out for his newest movie, Loqueesha.

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You might want to stretch now. Your cringing muscles are about to get a workout.

Despite the poster's implications, the movie is not about a white man using a black woman model of the Total Recall mask to infiltrate a Mars radio station. No, Loqueesha is about a white man who can't get a job as a radio host because he's a white man. So he mimics the speech patterns of what an extremely idiotic white screenwriter imagines black women sound like, and lands the job. All the while, no one, including his bosses, knows this "black woman" giving sage advice is actually a white man. Of course everyone walks away having learned a valuable lesson -- which is that minstrel shows are really lessons in racial empathy.

The internet has appropriately been dunking on Saville, with the hottest take coming from the San Luis Obispo Film Festival. He name-dropped the festival in the trailer, but they immediately disavowed any and all association with him.

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But Saville's "career" doesn't begin with Loqueesha. That movie is but the culmination of a long, terrible IMDb page that manages to completely undermine the premise of Loqueesha. Despite his utter lack of talent, charisma, or ... anything, really, Saville has been able to secure funding for his projects for years.

His other feature before Loqueesha was 2012's The Test, a movie about a man who puts his fiance through a "stress test" to see if she's worthy of marriage because he's afraid of divorce. He basically thinks all women are faithless Jezebels who'll leave men at the first sign of struggle, so he manufactures scenarios wherein she can cheat on him, subjects her to a staged violent robbery, and even toys with faking his death. In the end, of course, he learns the valuable lesson that his fiance has the capacity for love, fidelity, and terrible taste in men.

Seriously, you should be working those cringe muscles. We don't want you to sprain something.

And before his movies, Saville started his comedy career on YouTube. His channel houses short films and sketches, all of which are somehow exactly what you expect, but also even worse.

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Take "Gay Date." The sketch finds a woman meeting a man for a date, and when he arrives, she discovers he has a stereotypical "gay" voice. The woman then spends the remainder of the date attempting to suss out her date's sexuality with subtle probing questions like "What is your sexuality?" But surprise, he's a straight! He only sounds like a homophobe's caricature of a gay man because he's from San Francisco and had gay parents. Again he attaches a Valuable Lesson (TM) at the end (don't judge people before you know them) to deflate the homophobic/racist/sexist tension. But like with all his material, the only real lesson we can take away is that God does not exist.

At least we think that's what the moral is. We tapped out of this 30 seconds in.

And nowhere does that lesson shine more than in the sketch "The Girlfriend Trainer." The basic premise is similar to The Test: Women are terrible dogs, and men need to train them. Here, Saville decides to take the concept literally. While visiting a dog park, he comes to a clear realization: He needs to go full Cesar Millan on his girlfriend, because women are actually like dogs.

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That's it. That's the joke. Hilarious.

This Is Probably The Worst Movie of 2019, And It's Only July
Jeremy Saville/YouTube
And then this happens, because Saville is a turd golem.

So while Loqueesha has everyone focused on racism, our deep dive into Saville's works has found that racism is but one swatch on his moronic "comedy" pallete. He also paints in master strokes of homophobia, misogyny, and more, like a bigoted Bob Ross or a prejudiced Picasso. A true Renaissance (garbage)man.

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