The New Avengers Video Game Is Weirding Out The Internet

Let's pretend Thanos' snap made The Avengers look more affordable.
The New Avengers Video Game Is Weirding Out The Internet

Who among us hasn't fantasized about being one of the Avengers? To fly like Iron Man, to wield Captain America's shield, to shop at Pottery Barn with Hawkeye's boring family? Well soon, fans will have the chance. A while back we learned that Marvel was partnering with developer Square Enix for an Avengers video game! One that would allow us to actually participate in the adventures of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, instead of passively observing their exploits while guzzling soda and shoving fistfuls of Milk Duds in our mouths.

Now, after years of anticipation, this year's E3 played host to Square Enix giving the world its first glimpse of ... the Avengers?

The New Avengers Video Game Is Weirding Out The Internet
Marvel/Square Enix
Why does Captain America look like our high school math teacher?

Yeah, even though the visual style, costumes, and music featured in the trailer are clearly patterned after the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the makers of the game apparently didn't shell out the money to pay for the rights to the actors' likenesses. Which explains why Black Widow looks more like Lara Flynn Boyle than Scarlett Johansson, while Captain America is seemingly modeled after the stepdad you always hated. Also, is it just us, or does Tony Stark resemble the sleazy cokehead who worked at Nakatomi Plaza?

The New Avengers Video Game Is Weirding Out The Internet
Marvel/Square Enix
"And now, everybody's favorite superhero, the Iron Man himself, Bony Blark!"

It's fine for a game to operate in its own universe, but seeing as this is the first Avengers project to follow the blockbuster emotional roller coaster that was Endgame, maybe giving us the community theater understudy versions of these iconic characters isn't the best idea?

Predictably, the internet smelled weakness and pounced, armed with an arsenal of sassy memes. Though keep in mind, the game doesn't come out until May 2020, by which point it's possible that our brains will have been so consistently bludgeoned by the horrors of the real world that we won't even remember what Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans look like in the first place.

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