Apple's Finally Putting iTunes Out Of Its Misery

Now would probably be the best time to use that gift card Granny gave you in 2005.
Apple's Finally Putting iTunes Out Of Its Misery

iTunes has scrubbed all content off its Instagram and Facebook pages, as if it doesn't want its history of sharing racist memes to ruin its career. But there's actually a different, arguably better reason for the purge. Apple is poised to announce that iTunes will soon be shutting down. It was the first service to bring digital music into our homes, if you don't count Napster, Kazaa, BearShare, LimeWire, Gnutella, AudioGalaxy, and eDonkey2000.

iTunes is one of those things, along with the general concept of email, that bloodthirsty tech bloggers have been hoping would die while everyone else just wants a reliable place to download full seasons of Bones. Channeling their spirit, we can say that for as much of a trailblazer as it was, iTunes spent most of its lifespan as a bloated mess that tried to be 40 things at once, and "good" wasn't one of them.

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Now would probably be the best time to use that gift card Granny gave you in 2005.

Of course, Apple isn't totally killing its flagship media software. While the iTunes app won't exist anymore, the rumor is that its many disparate parts are going to be broken up into individual apps. That's probably for the best, since iTunes was the person in your office who thinks they're an amazing multitasker, but all the work they turn in looks like a child's refrigerator crayon drawings. If you're one of those people whose life revolves around iTunes, you likely don't have much time left to enjoy its mildly functional company. So cozy up by the fire and read your user agreement one last time before it's gone.

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