Louis CK Lures Strangers Into Dark Room, Insists On Secrecy

Louis CK is back to his old tricks -- and by that, we obviously mean stand-up comedy. After a bombshell New York Times story exposed his extensive history of sexual misconduct, rather than take some substantive time to reflect on his behavior, in less than a year, CK was popping up unexpectedly in comedy clubs. (Even though things popping up unexpectedly in front of captive audiences is kind of what landed him in trouble in the first place.)

This week, CK is performing eight shows at the Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis, which understandably has generated controversy. And after leaked copies of one of his recent sets featured repugnant, hacky jokes, CK clearly doesn't want his new brand of edgy, drunken gym teacher-esque comedy to spread on the internet. That means his audiences will now be forced to lock their phones in those YONDR pouches.

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Now, isn't abnormal for certain events. What does seem a little odd is a disclaimer on Acme's website claiming that audiences will be held legally responsible if they repeat CK's act "in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed." Which seemingly implies that you can't even describe his routine to a loved one, nor can you transmit it through whatever crazy hologram technology gets invented in the future. Damn, even Major League Baseball isn't this paranoid.

Acme Comedy Co.

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The website also includes a disclaimer stating that the show is "XXX Adults Only." Which seems like a pretty misguided way to advertise a performer who's currently more famous for unexpectedly masturbating in front of people than for telling jokes.

Acme Comedy Co.

Not deterred by legal threats, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on one of these recent sets. According to the paper, CK actually addressed the abusive elephant in the room, stating: "The only advice I can give you is ask first if you can jerk off in front of someone. If they say yes, say, 'Are you sure?' And if they still say yes, then still, just don't do it." Which is a pretty gross mischaracterization of his actions. According to his victims, CK didn't seek consent, repeatedly exploited his power over them, and even admitted to "shoving" a woman inside a bathroom. Which in retrospect shouldn't have been all that surprising.

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