Yes Way! Keanu Reeves Is Getting His Own Film Festival

Celebrate Hollywood's nicest actor's many … various … enough beloved movies.
Yes Way! Keanu Reeves Is Getting His Own Film Festival

Despite having a career spanning over 30 years (whoa), it has somehow taken until quite recently for the world to realize that Keanu Reeves is the most awesome dude ever. So amidst the current Keanussance and the upcoming John Wick and Bill & Ted sequels, there has never been a better time to look back and celebrate Reeves' illustrious career. Which will happen next weekend during the very first KeanuCon.

Matchbox Cineclub

Matchbox Cineclub
Finally, definitive proof that he has in fact aged.

KeanuCon, a film festival out to "celebrate the most triumphant Wyld Stallyn," will take place in Scotland starting April 27. The very niche film festival is brought to us by the film nerds at Matchbox Cineclub, who previously also created Cage-a-thon, an overnight film festival celebrating (who else?) Nicolas Cage. So it made a lot of sense for the programmers to next pick Keanu, who as an actor is definitely the yin to Cage's yang of chaotic madness.

The con allows us to remember Keanu's many phases over his long and never-terrible film career. That includes his more recent movies, a second act that's wowing critics with nuanced performances in the likes of John Wick and, um ...

But there's also his rise to absolute stardom in futuristic masterpieces like The Matrix and Johnny Mnem- no no no no ...

And KeanuCon will even show some of his early ingenue performances in films like One Step Away and ... oh Jesus Christ, don't remind us of Bram Stoker's Dracula, please don't ...

Alright, maybe Reeves isn't the most versatile actor. Maybe the nicest, most adored movie star on the planet is only good at playing sweet idiots who do or do not know kung fu. But he's still good enough at those to have been able to fill two whole days of film festival without them even getting to show Point Break.

And who knows? If KeanuCon proves to be a big enough hit (and it will, seeing as tickets are already sold out), they can give fans what they really want: an actual convention celebrating all things Keanu, replete with panels, ample benches to be sad on, and hundreds of enervated John Wick cosplayers pretend-fighting hundreds of Neo cosplayers.

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