'Star Wars' Movies Might Be Heading To The Old Republic

The yearly celebration of all things Star Wars, which organizers creatively titled "Star Wars Celebration," went down over the weekend. Amidst the trailers for The Rise Of Skywalker, the new show The Mandalorian, and new game Jedi: Fallen Order -- all of which take place within about 30 years of each other -- Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was asked by Entertainment Weekly if different time periods in the universe were going to be explored. She said yes, and that they're "looking at whether we can move massively in one direction of the other."

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Which direction could she be talking about? Since most new Star Wars media is essentially a remix of the old Expanded Universe canon, we can say that Star Wars is primarily set in three time periods. There's "Now," meaning the events close to or during the Original Trilogy. There's "Slightly Later Than Now," which are the hundreds of comics and novels set within the 15 minutes after the Original Trilogy. (The Sequel Trilogy fits comfortably in this category.) And then, out of nowhere, it jumps backward like a bajillion years to tell stories in the "Old Republic" era. Think Game Of Thrones in space.

LucasArts/Electronic Arts. Game Of Thrones, but with better robots.

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We're sure it's by pure coincidence that Kennedy brought on the Game Of Thrones showrunners to make their own Star Wars trilogy set apart from the Skywalker storyline amidst all the years of leaks and rumors that the Old Republic era is next in Disney's Star Wars batting order. So you know what that means: not much, because like in any other beloved fantasy setting, technology, fashions, and sensibilities will stay almost exactly the same over thousands of years. (As an aside, we hope you are enjoying reading Cracked today on your cuneiform tablet.)

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