A High School Did 'Alien' As Its School Play (And It's Rad)

In space, no one can hear your parents say how proud they are.
A High School Did 'Alien' As Its School Play (And It's Rad)

Over the past 40 years, no movie has evoked more intellectual debate than 1979's Alien, the sci-fi horror story that singlehandedly advanced space paranoia by at least a century. That's according to The Guardian, which yesterday released an article celebrating the countless academic studies the movie has spawned like so many brainy facehuggers. But books are for nerds, and according to one school in New Jersey, to truly dissect what makes Alien great, you need to think like a theater geek instead.

To the delight of bored dads everywhere, North Bergen High School's unofficial drama club chose this year to do away with the boilerplate production of Guys And Dolls and produce something with a bit more teeth -- rows of it, actually. Spearheaded by English teacher (and we'll assume big Wes Anderson fan) Perfecto Cuervo, a handful of students managed to create the most awesome school play ever: a low-budget adaptation of Alien.

North Bergen High School

Though at first glance, there's nothing low-budget about this production. With ample stage magic provided by artist/teacher Steven Defendini, the show managed to create terrific and terrifying sets and costumes out of recycled and donated equipment. Most impressive of all is the Alien suit itself, which would easily be the toast of any comic book convention.

Since its opening (and simultaneously closing) weekend, the tiny school play has gotten a lot of buzz on social media, with many celebs coming out of the woodwork demanding a chance to see Teen Alien with their own eyes. Of course, since the Alien franchise is now under the ownership of the Mouse, thanks to the recent Disney/Fox merger, we're more likely to see an actual Xenomorph than the full play on YouTube.

A High School Did 'Alien' As Its School Play (And It's Rad)
North Bergen High School
"Make one dollar in profits off this, we dare you" -- Disney

So what's next for the drama club? Aside from just coming in next week and writing "Alien$" on his chalkboard, Cuervo has a few ideas. He and the club are also not opposed to performing an encore of the production, with the caveat that "it would definitely need to be a bigger venue." And if that quote's not also a soft tease for a 2020 North Bergen High adaption of Jaws, we'll be sorely disappointed.

Cedric still remembers his high school one-man rendition of Ocean's Eleven. You can read him reminiscing about it on Twitter.

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