The Writer Of 'Green Book' Is Making A New (Terrible) Movie

Sunday's big Oscar winner, Green Book, has its fair share of controversy, from accusations of perpetuating a tired white savior narrative to the real-life Don Shirley's family calling bullshit on the movie for its condescending inaccuracies. Oh, and the director had to apologize for routinely flashing his junk in the past. And one of the producers sent pissy letters to critics. And co-writer Nick Vallelonga helped spread Trump's racist conspiracy theory that New Jersey Muslims were celebrating in the streets on 9/11. (Though to be fair, had Nick taken a whimsical road trip with a Muslim, his prejudice would have presumably disappeared and solved racism forever.)

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Still, the movie prevailed, and now the Academy-Award-winning Vallelonga has his next project lined up. And it sounds ... not great. According to Deadline, Vallelonga wrote and will direct the "musical romantic comedy" That's Amore! -- named after the famous Dean Martin tune. Timely! Oh, and if you think that there isn't a character named "Amore," then you have some unearned faith in the Hollywood machine.

That's Amore! is about a depressed "40-year-old bachelor" working in a pizzeria who falls for Patti Amore, a "shy and introverted loner with an overprotective father and a dark secret in her past." (Hopefully that secret isn't some kind of wildly racist old Tweet.) It sounds like Garden State meets La La Land meets the world's saddest Domino's.

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Vallelonga's directorial track record should further put you off. His IMDb page is basically a museum of schlock, featuring titles such as Choker, about a "serial killer (who) is let loose to hunt down and kill alien beings," and Stiletto, about a female assassin who is seemingly allergic to shirts.

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So in retrospect, maybe we should all just be happy that Green Book didn't find Dr. Shirley battling a horde of bikini-clad zombies or something.

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