Archaeologists Just Found A Bunch Of Mummified Cats

Although Halloween might be a distant memory, it seems that the Universe can't stop spitting out archaeological discoveries that fly in the face of everything positive that this new season represents (peace, love, togetherness, and fist-fighting someone's grandma for the last of those doorbuster deals).

Earlier this week, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities announced that archaeologists excavating a 4,500-year-old tomb outside Cairo had stumbled across a veritable hoard of mummified cats -- dozens upon dozens of them, so many that we're regretting not calling it a "catche." If you're a cat person, it's probably best that you look away, lest you start anger-sobbing ... or worse, start planning your own funeral to look something like this.

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On the plus side, we imagine that the existential horror of this find was slightly if not totally undercut by the fact that the mummifiers took the time to draw cute smiley faces on the bandages. That's a nice touch, and it underscores how much this culture worshiped their feline friends. Being mummified like this must've been the equivalent of a state funeral, ri- oh, they were specially bred to be mummified? Amundammit.

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Those archaeologists also reported finding a box of mummified scarab beetles. In terms of horror, it's hard to top unearthing a room stuffed with emancipated cat corpses, but let's just hope they sealed that box up tight, yeah?

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