Well Everybody, There's A 'Breaking Bad' Movie Coming

Well Everybody, There's A 'Breaking Bad' Movie Coming

After five seasons of betrayal, bodies, and breakfast memes, we thought the adventures of Meth-Man Walter White and his ward Jesse Pinkman had come to an end. But this is 2018. Nothing ever ends. So to much surprise, it has now been announced that Breaking Bad will once again be the one who knocks, this time as a one-off movie taking place right after the events of the series. And this means that finally, after five years of doubt, we might find out what happened to the real hero of the show.

We're talking, of course, about Huell.

Well Everybody, There's A 'Breaking Bad' Movie Coming
Breaking Bad 2: Electric BoogaHuell

Unlike a henchman in a vat of acid, rumors quickly solidified this week that Breaking Bad was getting a movie. Creator Vince Gilligan will be writing and likely directing the TV movie, which was code-named "Greenbriar" and is going into production this month. Slashfilm uncovered that the movie will detail the escape of Jesse Pinkman, who was last seen hightailing it out of a Neo-Nazi compound.

But who cares about Pinkman? The real question we hope the movie will answer is what happened to Huell Babineaux, Saul Goodman's right-hand man and master of sandwich bushido. Last we saw our doughty protagonist, he was taken to a DEA "safe house" and interrogated by Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez, who then rushed out to confront Walt, telling Huell to stay put. And since Hank and Steve ended their story arcs buried in the New Mexico desert, canonically, we have to assume that Huell is still waiting on that couch.

Bryan Cranston himself revealed that all he knows is the movie will revolve around "a couple of the characters who were not completed, as far as their journey," so hopefully Huell will finally have a chance to escape from his comfy purgatory. And Walt? What about him? Cranston says he hasn't even gotten to read the actual script -- that's how dead Walter White is. No, the story of the White family is probably over and done with. And again, that would only detract from the gripping survivalist storyline of Huell (played by actor Lavell Crawford, who has already gotten conveniently svelte) spending 178 days stuck on a couch sweating bullets and scrounging for cushion crumbs.

And even if the Breaking Bad movie will obviously focus on Jesse trying to survive in a post-Heisenberg world, there's no reason he couldn't use his stolen El Camino to pick up Huell, then bust Saul Goodman out of his Cinnabon fortress of solitude and lead the trio on one final caper. What else could it be about, Jesse becoming a carpenter in Alaska?

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