We're Getting A Kid-Friendly Deadpool Movie

'Deadpool 2' is getting recut into a PG-13 movie with a brand-new 30-year-old reference.
We're Getting A Kid-Friendly Deadpool Movie

It feels only like yesterday that we saw everyone's favorite masked Looney Tunes psychopath cheer on a suburban dad while he was slowly dissolved by acid. That's why it came as such an awesome surprise when 20th Century Fox recently announced that their next Deadpool project would come be coming out December 2018, the very same year as Deadpool 2. But instead of it being an entirely new movie, it will be Deadpool 2 recut for the people who aren't allowed to enjoy bloodshed, creative swearing, or overt sexual images.

We're Getting A Kid-Friendly Deadpool Movie
So not a Deadpool movie at all, then?

Yup, Fox has announced it will be theatrically releasing a PG-13 version of the movie just in time for Christmas. And for people who thought a kid-friendly Deadpool movie was a joke -- that is, literally everyone -- Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of a new scene that will appear in the recut. After all, if they were only using footage from the original movie to make a PG-13 version, it would be 19 seconds long.

20th Century Fox
Clever business move, Fox. Now teens will have to torrent two movies instead of one.

By the looks of the picture, it seems that the PG-13 Deadpool 2 will have a framing device that spoofs that of The Princess Bride -- you know, because kids today are just obsessed with Rob Reiner movies that came out before their parents were even born. And because Deadpool is nothing if not a perfectionist, they even dragged in now-42-year-old former child star Fred Savage to reprise his role. Though adding a subplot wherein Deadpool kidnaps a grown man and holds him hostage in a child's bedroom while he tells him the story about the time he got cancer again feels more adult-themed, not less.

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