Captain Marvel Looks Like a Smorgasbord of Superhero Tropes

Satiating Marvel fans who crave a superhero not currently occupying an urn, the Captain Marvel trailer came out today, and it looks pretty damn exciting! It also looks like every Marvel movie has been Brundlefly-d into this one character. You see, Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, falls to Earth not unlike Thor -- though Thor didn't have a bunch of VHS copies of Home Alone 2 to break his fall. Danvers is also a former soldier, like Captain America. And she flies around in a spaceship with an alien posse, Guardians Of The Galaxy-style.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

Not only that, but Captain Marvel also seems to be pulling from non-MCU influences. Her powers recall Jean Grey's Phoenix mojo from the X-Men series:

Marvel Studios

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And Danvers' spacesuit looks like she's straight up going to beat the crap out of Superman, then bond with him over unresolved maternal issues.

Marvel Studios

Perhaps this smorgasbord approach to the character is partly because in her long comics history, Marvel never totally knew what exactly to do with Carol Danvers. She was originally an Air Force employee, then Ms. Marvel, then in the '80s she became "Binary" and hung out with the X-Men. Oh, and Rogue stole her powers, because apparently Rogue is an asshole.

Marvel Comics

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In the '90s, Danvers took the name "Warbird," because no one in the '90s could escape an edgy Garth Brooks / Chris Gaines makeover. Danvers became an alcoholic, and was even court martialed by the Avengers. Apparently "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" can battle the evil forces of the galaxy, but they totally suck at interventions.

Marvel Comics

The Captain Marvel movie may be a hodgepodge of familiar elements, but possibly better and starring an Oscar winner, which doesn't sound bad at all. Plus, Captain Marvel's willing to go full Nicolas Cage on a random old lady, whom we hope to God was a Skrull.

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