A Legal Snafu Made This 'Baby Driver' Joke Even Funnier

Except for whatever calamitous accidents were caused by excited moviegoers peeling out of parking lots at 90 mph while wearing earbuds blasting '90s rock, Baby Driver was pretty great -- it was funny, action-packed, and came out just before the movie-ruining public revelation that Kevin Spacey also plays a villain in real life.

One of the funniest jokes in the movie finds getaway driver Baby hauling a crew of bank robbers, including Jamie Foxx and Flea, who were supposed to wear matching Michael Myers Halloween masks. The crook in charge of mask purchases mistakenly bought Austin Powers masks-- which are Mike Myers Halloween masks.

Tristar Pictures

Tristar Pictures

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Originally just one of the bandits was going to wear the Austin Powers mask, with the other two donning the iconic slasher costume. Unfortunately, because of the upcoming Halloween sequel/reboot/alternate dimension, director Edgar Wright wasn't granted the rights to use the mask. This especially must have sucked, because the KNB effects studio had already made a glorious Michael Myers mask for the production-- which special effects whiz Greg Nicotero recently shared on Instagram.


To be fair, the producers of the horror reboot were probably right to fear a scene in which the bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers wears the iconic killer's mask and trades quips with a shagadelic superspy. And guess what? The scene is even funnier with three gun-wielding Austin Powers.

Tristar Pictures

Also Mike Myers was cool with using his likeness for the scene, thankfully with a Love Guru mask since that all film's merchandise was presumably buried in a New Mexico landfill.

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