It's good when people are skeptical. It's absolutely not good when they start seeing dark-hat cabals and lizard people controlling their lives. Look around you at literally anything, and odds are some knucklehead has decided that it's part of a gigantic conspiracy. For example ...

THE PENTAGON HAD A SECRET PROGRAM TO INVESTIGATE UFOS. Senator Harry Reid initiated the Advanced Aviation Threat Program, which Identification between

Source: Inverse

NEO-NAZIS THINK THAT LEGAL MARIJUANA EDICAL IS A JEWISH SCHEME. White supremacist site The Daily Stormer says legalized pot is a plot by Jewish people

Source: Newsweek

TWITTER TROLLS LINKED 134 pencil yellow CHRISSY TEIGEN ER OMe TO PIZZAGATE. The theorists cited photos of the model's daughter Luna dressed as a hot d

Source: USA Today

pencil 134 A REDDITOR THEORIZED yellow ER DISNEY'S FROZEN IS PART OF A COVER-UP. CRYO User FoznorLB speculated that the studio renamed its Snow Queen

Source: Comic Book

ERIC TRUMP THINKS ELLEN DEGENERES Is PART OF THE DEEP STATE. The president's son concluded the shadow government was at play after Twitter suggested h

Source: Newsweek

TURKISH MEDIA SAYS SPIES USE TORN JEANS TO COMMUNICATE. Pro-government newspaper Yeni Akit reported that Turkish intelligence is tracking the use of j

Source: Bianet

SOME THEORISTS BELIEVE MEXICAN ARTIFACTS PROVE THAT ALIENS EXIST. A viral video by uploader UFOmania had alien enthusiasts maintaining that the scenes

Source: Newsweek

Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Sane People Believe Right Now

Source: People

A YOUTUBER CONTENDS THE MOON IS FLAT SUSPENDED LIQUID. AND IN User World History Official says NASA is behind the sphere fallacy, citing ancient texts

Source: The Local

IRAN BELIEVES THE U.S. USED SPY LIZARDS TO GATHER NUCLEAR INTEL. Iranian military advisor Hassan Firouzabadi said Western spies sent the atomic-wave-a

Source: CNBC

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