Calming Down An Angry Alligator Is Way Easier Than You Think

Alligators seem like terrifying, unstoppable killing machines. We've all seen them on TV taking down poor gazelles with their merciless, vice-like jaws. (Or are those crocodiles? Eh, same diff, right? Editor's Note: No.) But did you know that hypnotizing an alligator is actually relatively simple?

In the unfortunate event that you encounter an alligator, if you're able to approach it from behind without it attacking, you can hold its jaws shut pretty easily. Even though an alligator's bite strength is tremendous, it has a tough time opening its mouth when there's any pressure applied. Then, because you're definitely not running away screaming at this point, you can flip it on its back, which will put the animal into a catatonic state.



BBCGator in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious

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Alligators have a defense tactic whereby they become completely still underwater when they feel threatened, and they do the same thing when flipped on their backs. This might not sound logical, but hey, we're not here to play Monday morning evolutionary quarterback. So remember, all you need to do is grab the gator's jaws, flip it over without panicking, and you're home free! What could be easier than that?

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And Steve Irwin was probably a champ at this. Rest in Peace, Steve.

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