Twitter Thinks Melania Has A Body Double

No. Come on guys. Melania didn't use a body double, that's nonsense. Just because she's wearing big sunglasses, and just because Trump weirdly alludes to his wife who, "happens to be right here," doesn't mean... hmm.

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Okay no, it's still ridiculous and clearly false. But there was a moment, a brief moment where I hesitated. Why is she wearing those sunglasses? Why is Trump awkwardly pointing out that his wife is here, when we can all see here standing there? That seems defensive. Is he defensive? Is he lying? Why would he lie? How is it a lie? Even though I know these paranoid thoughts aren't true, I can't help but have them.

The problem is that there is a constant firehose of nonsense coming out of the Trump administration. Our bullshit detectors have become miscalibrated due to overuse. Remember when Trump put up a fake Time cover in his golf club? Remember when he made up a fake Civil War battle so he could have a monument to it? It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf, except he's crying wolf so loudly and with such persistence the townspeople are starting to disassociate from the entire concept of a wolf. "What is a wolf, anyways? Honestly we're all made of the same atoms. If he says its a wolf, maybe it is a wolf, even if it's objectively a turnip."

So no, Melania absolutely does not have a body-double. You're just experiencing lie-fatigue and gaslighting to the point where you're uncertain of reality. You may even begin to start questioning your own existence, and whether you yourself are an impostor. Then you might start to believe there really is no objective reality, and we're all just a self-propelled illusion. But you've got to snap out of it. The world is real, terrifying, and full of Big Feet we have to find.

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