Justice League Trailer Shows Heroes Fighting The Color Red

Justice League Trailer Shows Heroes Fighting The Color Red

The final trailer for the Justice League film has dropped! Superman, who apparently inspired everyone by sacrificing his life (yes, like Jesus, we got

Superheroes have been fighting evil for far too long. Whether it's evil robots, evil aliens, evil clowns, evil norse gods, watching superheroes with a range of facial expressions fighting evil has become a cliche. So why not a movie in which emotionless super powered beings fight the color red? In the latest Justice League trailer, the super team appears to be fighting red-hued clouds. It's a bold new direction for the superhero genre.

Most comic book movie trailers features something about the villain, such as their motivation, their plans, and why it's so important to defeat them. This is unnecessary. Every moment explaining a villain's character is a moment that could be spent on explosions. A "plot line" has become a crutch that the film industry leans too heavily upon. So why not strip the movie down to its basic ingredients: a whole lot of punching, fire, and menacing red clouds.

What's nice about having the color red (and its flying robotic henchmen) as the main villains is you don't need to waste any time delving into their backstory. Why are the red clouds evil? Who cares, just look at them. Why do we have to punch flying robots? Because they're flying, and they're robots, duh. Just enjoy the exciting ride of watching Batman's unchanging expression as he drives his very fast car through fire and explosions.

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