A Village's Controversial Official Seal Got Changed (Kinda)

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Apparently, Whitesboro officials interpreted criticism of their seal as, "This fight looks uneven," instead of, "It's pretty gross to have a seal depict violence against a Native American when we as a country kind of did a genocide." So the updated seal, instead of showing a white person delivering a Vulcan neck pinch to a Native American, shows them mutually engaged in some bromantic head-butting. Yay progress?

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Proponents of the original seal claimed it was meant to depict a "friendly wrestling match" between the village's founder and a Oneida Nation chief. You see, the founder's hands were around the chief's neck in a super friendly neck-hug, as good bros do.

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The new seal is a great improvement, because it shows the Native American and white person mind melding by firmly gripping each other's shoulders and firmly pressing their foreheads together. It's a symbol of peaceful unity between white settlers and Native Americans, the latter of whom voluntarily moved somewhere else and nothing bad or violent happened.

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