6 Fans Who Became Part Of The Show (Through Hilarious Fraud)

6 Fans Who Became Part Of The Show (Through Hilarious Fraud)

Being a superfan means both knowing more about and getting more out of the things you love the most. But for some fans, having drawers full of ticket stubs, signed photos, and/or locks of hair bought off eBay isn't intimate enough. They want to get closer. Much closer. Close enough to smell their idols. And while most don't get farther than the patch of ground security tackled them onto, some fanatics have managed to crash their way right into the hearts of their pop culture obsessions. These folks turned the Universe in on itself, making events all about them in the best ways.

A Tourist Wandered Onto The Gossip Girl Set And Appeared On The Show

Gossip Girl was a TV series about how much you can get out of life merely by having a nice face, the right clothes, and acting like you belong. Which is exactly what one tourist did, as she brazenly walked onto the set.

6 Fans Who Became Part Of The Show (Through Hilarious Fraud)
Kate Robertson

Now all she needs to do is assault the cast, and she'll be in SAG in no time.

When 26-year-old Australian Kate Robertson was on vacation in NYC, she decided to drop in at a location where her beloved Gossip Girl was being filmed -- and when we say "drop in," we mean it. As the story goes, Robertson snuck into the nearby Waldorf Astoria hotel, telling the staff that she had reservations at the restaurant within. But instead of eating turtle soup or whatever they do in fancy places, she wandered the halls and took an elevator down to the ballroom, where Gossip Girl happened to be shooting.

"I just couldn't believe that I had gotten that far without anyone noticing," Robertson later admitted. "I sat down and I just waited for someone to tell me to leave." But instead of being told to leave, Robertson was dragged onto the ballroom floor an inch away from the main cast. She then had a glass of champagne shoved into her hand, got her hair done by a stylist, and was told to blend in. And before she could open her mouth and admit that she was a tourist and not a SAG-AFTRA licensed background actor, the cameras started rolling and Robertson spent the next six hours pretending to be a guest in a glamorous party sequence.

6 Fans Who Became Part Of The Show (Through Hilarious Fraud)
Kate Robertson

She was having too much fun to realize she'd been roped into an unpaid work day.

The interesting part isn't that a woman came from across the world and stumbled onto the set of one of her favorite shows. It's that the show was apparently so full of generically pretty people that one could wander in off the street and not raise any objection.

A Dude Broke Into Alcatraz (To Attend The Premiere Party For The Rock)

Alcatraz is perhaps the most famous prison in the world. Located on an island not far from San Francisco, the now-defunct jailhouse was always boasted as inescapable (besides that one time). But by now, Alcatraz has more stories about people trying to break into the prison than out. Here to add to this omnibus is Jeff Bunch, who snuck into Alcatraz to meet a bunch of people who snuck into Alcatraz.

When The Rock, the movie wherein Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage infiltrate Alcatraz to get their hands on some green balls, came out in 1996, the premiere party was held on the very same island where it had been shot. That meant it would be hard for autograph hunters to mob the party, seeing as how Alcatraz is federal land and trespassing there is thus a federal crime. But that didn't stop Bunch, at the time a 30-something windsurfer, who decided to grab his coat, tie, and wetsuit and crash the party like it was a particularly radical wave.

6 Fans Who Became Part Of The Show (Through Hilarious Fraud)
Touchstone Pictures

Which seems like it would make a way better movie than The Rock, now that we think about it.

Under the cover of darkness, Bunch landed on a low part of the island, scaled the hilly sides, adjusted his bow tie like a low-rent James Bond, and swaggered into the party. "I thought I would take a look and be on my way," he later claimed, as if breaking into a prison and facing down "Crazy Eyes" Ed Harris isn't a big deal. But before park rangers quickly caught him for trespassing, he allegedly shared a cocktail with none other than Sean Connery -- the one man whom he could talk to about wearing tuxedos over wetsuits.

A Fan Got Backstage At A Concert By Editing Himself Into The Band's Wikipedia Page

Did the backstage scenes from Almost Famous, Wayne's World, or Charlie's flashbacks in Lost make you imagine how cool it would be to VIP the shit out of life and party with your favorite rock stars? Well, it turns out that some people have been able to achieve exactly that, and without having to make out with the dirty bass player.

David Spargo, a superfan of the band Peking Duk, was determined to chill with the EDM duo at a Melbourne gig. However, because he couldn't afford an extravagant VIP pass, he decided to get creative. So when Spargo was stopped by security from entering the backstage area, he simply claimed to be related to a member of the group, Reuben Styles. Now, that's some shit that people have probably pulled many times, so security knows to expect that in the usual bag of tricks. What the guard didn't expect was for Spargo to whip out his phone and summon the Wikipedia page for the band, which stated that he was Styles' (we assume long-lost) stepbrother.

Of course, Spargo is about as closely related to Styles as he is to an actual Peking duck. He had edited the performer's Wikipedia page moments before pulling his con, hoping it would take the moderators as long as the bouncers to realize the mistake. After being let through, he then proceeded to chug beers with the band backstage, confessing what he did, and having them laugh it off and keep drinking. Said Styles' partner, Adam Hyde: "We ended up having a bunch of beers with him and he was an absolute legend. He wasn't a creep or anything. He was like the most normal dude we've ever met. That's what makes it more hilarious"

It goes to show you that Wikipedia always lies. You can make up some outlandish forged family connections to get behind a stage. Now if you'll excuse us, a certain "Artemus Grohl" has a Foo Fighters concert to attend.

A Fan Was Secretly Picking Rory MacDonald's UFC Walkout Music (For Years)

Fighter walkouts have become almost as big a deal as the fights themselves. What other sport puts so much attention on hype that the athletes have to be introduced while cannons and confetti and music blast throughout the arena? The choice of music is especially crucial. You don't want to stroll shirtless toward a brutal fight while Sixpence None the Richer gently wafts over the crowd.

UFC fighter Rory MacDonald's walkout music was especially noteworthy -- not because of his stellar taste, but because he had nothing to do with it. Whenever MacDonald would enter the arena, some random song always heralded him, ranging from Metallica to Rihanna. And while MacDonald was a bit weirded out by whomever in his crew was picking his music, this went on for a few years ... until a Nickelback song played, which was understandably the last straw.

Eventually, MacDonald confronted his handlers on not asking him what music he wanted for his own entrance, but he was met with blank stares. That's because they thought they'd been asking MacDonald all along. But it turned out to be an impostor. After moving to Montreal, MacDonald had changed his phone number and, in a case of bizarre cosmic happenstance, his old number wound up in the hands of a guy called Jason, who just so happened to be a fan of his. One day, Jason received a call from one of MacDonald's handlers (who clearly hadn't updated his Rolodex), so he decided to pick up the mantle of becoming the first-ever UFC DJ.


Though maybe a guy who punches people in the face all day isn't the best candidate for a pranking.

Having figured out the ruse, MacDonald called the mysterious song-dropper and confronted him. Jason immediately fessed up, stating he was a big fan of the fighter. Finally, at UFC 145, MacDonald got to strut to the ring with music that he himself had chosen, and while it probably wasn't as thoughtful and complex as the subliminal picks The Roots select for Jimmy Fallon's guests, the world can rest easy knowing that yet another world-class athlete likes nu-metal.

People Dress Up Like Athletes To Photobomb Their Favorite Teams

It's one thing for people to photobomb some unassuming folks while they pose for a photo. It's entirely another thing to blend in like a Predator and become part of a professional photo shoot. But when all that's standing between you and your favorite sports team is a few yards of AstroTurf, some fans want to take that chance.

Sport TV 1

Caught red-shirted.

And guess what? It can work. One lowly ball boy for the Portugal national football (soccer, that is) team immortalized himself when he snuck into the official team photograph, right next to his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. That's cute, but it doesn't take much effort to hop into a picture when you're already on the field. But what if your ambition isn't to be part of the picture, but to become part of the team? Well, you'll really have to act like you belong. Like this guy did:

jer U g n 16 ON 21 2 5 8 7
Remi Gaillard/YouTube

"This guy" being so believable that the team didn't even notice him.

Can you spot the imposter? Here's a hint: It's the one who doesn't look like he's a member of any team besides an Applebee's night shift.

Remi Gaillard/YouTube

He may not be a professional athlete, but in fairness, dude clearly has some hustle.

After they won the volleyball world championship, this volleyball prankster went the whole nine yards (quite literally) and brazenly jogged into the team's photo shoot dressed like a player. We're surprised he even got there in time for the shutter snap, what with the weight of his own balls holding him back. He was surely helped by the phenomenon of fans wearing their teams' apparel, of course, but it also requires some incredibly catlike reflexes to take a bunch of athletes by surprise.

Legendary footsieball team Manchester United fell prey to one of these low-ambition spies as well. Karl Power, who planned for two years to be a "part" of the team, snuck out onto the field during their pre-match photo and lightly snuggled into the left side of the picture.

vodofere vodofoe vodafoe odofene odafore Ooee dofoos wdofone 2 e wlosn watew Pdoe

Guy on the far right was going to say something, but was interrupted by the traditional pre-match riot.

That Time A Teenager Got An Exclusive Interview With John Lennon

It can't easy being a Beatle. Unless you're Ringo. Seems like it's super easy to be Ringo. When John Lennon was tired of being worshiped like a god and only wanted to hang out with his weird girlfriend, he secluded himself for the better part of the '60s and '70s. But while not even the most famous reporters could nab an interview, he did have a very intimate meeting with a fan.

In 1969, Jerry Levitan, a 14-year-old mega Beatles fan, found out that Lennon and Yoko Ono were staying in a hotel in his native Toronto. Armed with a couple of cameras dangling around his neck, Levitan did what no other teen dared and knocked on Lennon's door, posing as a photographer. When, beyond his wildest expectations, the door cracked open and Lennon leaned out, Levitan nervously announced that he was with "Canadian News" -- which somehow must have been a password, because he was then let into the apartment of one of the most famous people of all time.

But Levitan's brass-ballsness didn't end there. After he got the legendary musician to sign his copy of Two Virgins (better known as the album that had Lennon's silver hammer on the cover), he doubled down on his ruse and asked if he could interview Lennon later that day. To his surprise, Lennon agreed enthusiastically. So while U.S. network news reporters were left waiting in the lobby for a soundbite, a 14-year-old kid got an in-depth interview with John Lennon that lasted over 40 minutes.

Presumably the animation was added later, but with Lennon, you never know.

Levitan, for some ungodly reason, never published his lengthy sit-down with Lennon. Only in 2005 did his scheme become public, when a five-minute short film was made of the interaction. And while die-hard Beatles fans would love to get their hands on the full-length interview, we have to remember that it was a 14-year-old interviewing Lennon, so the remaining 35 minutes were probably Levitan asking the god emperor of music what his favorite TV show was and if he had any tips on how to conceal a boner in math class.

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