Keeping up with the news is like running in a hamster wheel made of barbed wire. No reasonable person can be expected to keep up with all the headlines and emerge unscathed, so we have taken it upon ourselves to quickly summarize the most important and/or ridiculous news stories from the last week (or so).

Congress issues subpoenas for Michael Flynn and former Trump laywer

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

British Airways computer cancels hundreds of Memorial Day flights

Texas GOP lawmaker calls ICE on protesters

Manuel Noriega dead at 83

Gregg Allman dead at 69

36 million Android devices possibly infected by Judy malware

Trump withdraws US from Paris climate accord

Former Texas nurse accused of killing several children during the '80s

Police officer that shot Tamir Rice fired for falsifying application form

Google adding an ad-blocker to Chrome

Muslim groups crowd fund over $500,000 for families of Portland train stabbing victims

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