Keeping up with the news is like trying to build pyramids out of sand - it's gritty, exhausting, and impossible without a little help. No reasonable person can stay sane keeping up with every headline, which is why we've summarized what's going on around the globe in the last week (or so) for you, right here.

A newly discovered asteroid flew past earth at half the distance to the moon


President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden

Source: BBC News

Taco Bell announces the Naked Chicken Chalupa

Source: Yahoo News

The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles


JJ Abrams is done making reboots

Northern Californias drought is over

Source: USA Today

George Lucas is building a museum in Los Angeles

Source: SFGate

A report claims Russia collected information on Donald Trump

Avengers Infinity War will be filmed in Scotland

Martin Shkreli banned from Twitter for harassing a female journalist

Source: The Hill

German officials are investigating Russian attempts to influence their government

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is closing

Source: BBC News

The families of three ISIS victims are suing Twitter

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