Dragons and terrorists and cats! Oh my...if the internet were a slot machine, bells would be blaring right about now.

"There seem to be two kinds of people in the world: those who don't understand cats, and those who think cats are kind of douchebags. Unfortunately for cat lovers, science has kind of come down on the side of that second group."

We Met Syria's War Refugees: 7 Awful Things They Told Us

3 million Syrians are fleeing their country's civil war. That means a lot of those 'Muslim refugees!!!!!' are average middle class folks, whose only crime was deciding not to be casualties.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 11/22

"ISIS knows that even if they never smuggle a single terrorist in with the flood of refugees, just the suggestion that they might is enough to freak out whole governments and screw tens of thousands of refugees out of a shot at asylum."

7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine

The difficulty we've had defeating ISIS suggests that, maybe, we don't really understand who and what the fuck they are. Fortunately, finding out what ISIS wants is like finding out what a vegan eats: They'll tell you. Which is to say that ISIS has a magazine, and we read it.

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