Top Picks for 11.27.2009: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Mirth Canal.


How you likely spent your Thanksgiving: [College Humor]

Hipster Pilgrims: [Huffington Post]

"I know I shouldn't take your small pox... but you're just so damn cute": []

Pilgrims, Indians and Thanksgiving Hotness: [Gunaxin]

A brief history of pie: [Fark]

The AM Holiday Gift Guide: [Ask Men]

Kid's reaction to this present is baffling, to say the least: [I Am Bored]

Zombies + Hookers + Christmas = Awesome: [Adult Swim]

How to survive Black Friday: [lemondrop]

The Topic Generator: [Daisy Owl]
Thanks to Driscoll in the Mirth Canal.

Man vs. Toddler: The Final Battle: [Huffington Post]

Nothing like a little Turkey Porn to make you feel good about last night's meal (slightly NSFW): [Liquid Generation]

Your Last Supper: 10 Food That Could Kill You Dead: [Asylum]

Poca-Hotness 2009: [COED Magazine]

The 50 Best Inventions of 2009: [TIME]
Thanks to Nicol in the Mirth Canal.

A little leftover douchebag: [The Chive]

Jeri Lynn can bast our turkey anytime (like, for real, because we don't know how to): [Gorilla Mask]

Rock Band: Yoko Ono: [College Humor]

What to get your mom this holiday season: [The Frisky]

8 Martial Arts Masters That Changed Cinema: [Mania]

Cincy's cheerleading squad: [Uncoached]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Hamster racing!
Submitted by lethmio in the Mirth Canal.

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How heavy is the Internet? "... on top of it all, an otter [is] screaming pointlessly.": [CNET]
Thanks to Considerable in the Mirth Canal.

11 Dirty TV Moments That Slipped Past the Censors: [11Points]

The Craziest Japanese Game Shows of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being "That Guy" at Thanksgiving Dinner: [Gunaxin]

Is there a wrong way to eat a Reese's?: [College Humor]

Dog vs. squirrel, guess who wins?: [I Am Bored]

We all know where Brockway will be this Thanksgiving: [Ask Men]

Get these adorable assassins on your iPhone: [Adult Swim]

Immediately after this photo, these cats shaved each other's fur off: [Funny Pictures]

Buddy the Elf strikes again: [lemondrop]

Prepare to get ptero-ed a new asshole: [Pterodactyl]
Thanks to Stan the Garbage Man in the Mirth Canal.

Right in your goddamn face, Paula: [Liquid Generation]

Books you should read: [Asylum]

Awesome Elevator Ads: [Huffington Post]

Apparently kangaroos are the biggest jerks on the planet: [Fox News]
Submitted by Tyler.

There's a lot of questionable parenting going on in these pics: [The Chive]

Photoshop this commission's news conference:[Fark]

Star Wars Facebook status updates: [College Humor]

Ladies: This is what you can buy your man-friends: [The Frisky]

The Victoria's Secret afterparty that we attended (in our minds): [COED Magazine]

Dirty Dozen: The 12 Hottest Villains in Comics: [Mania]

That's a lovely... nothing you have on there (NSFW): [Gorilla Mask]

15 Examples of Really Bad Tie-In Merchandising: [Uncoached]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Free Barbie!
Submitted by Demha in the Mirth Canal.

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How will you celebrate World Toilet Day?: [Asylum]

The "Poker Face"-Off (Featuring Lady Gaga, Christopher Walken and Eric Cartman): [Huffington Post]

11 Awesomely Creative Billboards: [Huffington Post]

Deleted scenes from Paranormal Activity: [College Humor]

Vote for 2010's Top 99 Women: [Ask Men]

Dethklok joins a Dethklok tribute band: [Adult Swim]

Six Awesome TV Characters Who Need Their Own Shows: [Gunaxin]

Family Guy: Meg's best moments: []

Google auto-fill never disappoints: [I Am Bored]

11 Random Observations Outside the New Moon Premiere: [11Points]

Singing telegrams have hit the Internet: [lemondrop]

An underwater river. You read that right: [The Chive]

Have you ever wanted to learn kung fu from a hillbilly? Well, now's your chance!: [YouTube]
Submitted by Hendrix.

UPS's employee manual: [College Humor]

10 Sexiest Cinematic Bloodsuckers: [Liquid Generation]

10 Ridiculous Lady Laws That Are Still On The Books: [The Frisky]

This Thanksgiving, we'll have plenty to be thankful for: [COED Magazine]

What Kind of Racist Are You?: [Mad Atoms]
Thanks to supra-man in the Mirth Canal.

7 Rules for Making The Hobbit: [Mania]

Straight out of the WTF File: An 11-year-old gives birth... on her wedding day:[Fark]

What interesting... "tattoos" you have: [Gorilla Mask]

Videos of people on roller coasters: [Uncoached]

Kellogg is experiencing an Eggo shortage. In office news, David Wong mysteriously gained 50-pounds in three weeks: [Yahoo! News]
Thanks to Chronicles in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: A list of every website that responds to the Konami Code.
Submitted by ralf23 in the Mirth Canal.

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11 Craziest Japanese PSAs Ever: [Huffington Post]

Unforgettable Ads of This Past Decade: [AdWeek]
Submitted by PJ.

Twilight: Three Wolf Moon: [College Humor]

The invisible man exists: [The Chive]

Bird ruins $2-million Bugatti: [Asylum]

Apparently dominoes are incredibly badass: [lemondrop]

11 Most Ridiculous Concert Demands By Hip-Hop Artists: [11Points]

Is this the greatest GPS device ever?: [Ask Men]

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Wedding Day: [Adult Swim]

100 Great Quotes From The Wire in 10 Minutes: [Huffington Post]

Twitter Tells Users to Piss Off: [Geek Comedy]

Futbol goalie is owned in more ways than one: [College Humor]

Google's auto-fill gets called out: [AutoCompleteMe]
Submitted by Jennifer.

Note to parents and would-be parents: Don't get your child this: [I Am Bored]

The 30 Best Action Figures of the 80s: [Gunaxin]

7 Things You Should Never Go Cheap On: [COED Magazine]

Blond, brunette? It doesn't matter. Rebecca Lee makes it feel like summer in our pants either way: [Gorilla Mask]

That's quite the wiener: [Big Ass Hot Dog]
Thanks to Mr Gale in the Mirth Canal.

8 Annoying Television Characters: [Mania]

"I say Geoffrey, do you still own that crane?" "Why yes, Wilson, I believe I do... whatever do you ask for?" "No reason, just need to give the old verge a trim, if you know what I mean":[Fark] takes no responsibility for the following (please don't come to our office, Mr. Van Damme): [Uncoached]

According to one dating site, Brits are incredibly ugly: [Yahoo! News]
Thanks to TechnoHawk in the Mirth Canal.

The 40-Year-Old virgin if he were a serial killer: [Liquid Generation]

Oh Oxford, how could you?: [The Frisky]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Just in case you needed to know every fictional cheetah, ever.
Submitted by Clearwater in the Mirth Canal.

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Prank War 8: The Skydiving Prank: [College Humor]

Star Wars Gangsta Rap: [Huffington Post]

Carl Spackler's got game (that's Bill Murray for the uninformed): [lemondrop]

10 Best Shows Within Shows: [Adult Swim]

12 Creepiest YouTube Stars: [YouTube Comedy]

The most disturbing Google fill-in ever: [I Am Bored]

24 Photos of the Greatest Parents Ever: [The Chive]

The Google logo designer has some issues: [College Humor]

Turns out all that time we spent ogling Emma Frost was good for us: [Asylum]

4 Insane Tribal Sports You May Want to Try: [Gunaxin]

The 5 Biggest Marijuana Myths Debunked: [COED Magazine]

Mandy B reminds us why stars are so sexy: [Gorilla Mask]

Comic Strip Mashups: [ryandartist]
Thanks to GishFace in the Mirth Canal.

Spider-Man 4 Villain Revealed: [Mania]

Japan finally puts out something sexy that the rest of the world can enjoy:[Fark]

The Best of Tony Little: [Uncoached]

Shark-on-shark C-section. Our enemies of the deep are evolving every day: [NZ Herald]
Thanks to Basket Full of Kittens in the Mirth Canal.

Read this list and stop acting like a pussy: [Ask Men]

Separated At Birth: Politicians With Famous Look-Alikes : [Huffington Post]

Fill in the Blank: Homer Simpson: [Liquid Generation]

Famous Boyfriend Stealers: [The Frisky]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The Tomb of Jesus has been found... in Japan?
Submitted by Clearwater in the Mirth Canal.

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7 Embarrassing First Strips from Legendary Cartoonists: [Geekpad Show]

Calvin is apparently Asian in real life: [Unreality]'s secret hideout: [The Chive]

New Mexico soccer player puts on impromptu try-out for the WWE: [Huffington Post]

If the octofox is ever discovered, we're escaping to the moon: [I Am Bored]

Ambiguous endings resolved: [College Humor]

Venture Bros.: Return to Malice: [Adult Swim]

Women the ladies over at Frisky wish would play for the other team: [The Frisky]

Tiffani Amber Thiessen is pregnant. We all just wept a little: [Asylum]

10 Superhot Superhero Girlfriends: [Mania]

Get ready for the throw-down of the century: Catholics just discovered that Scientology forces practitioners to have abortions:[Fark]

Wired's arachnid hall of fame, everyone else's nightmare fuel: [Wired]
Thanks to HyperGlavin in the Mirth Canal.

Gentlemen might want to sit down before checking out this link: [Gunaxin]

MacGruber: The complete collection: []
Thanks to Remora in the Mirth Canal.

Top 10 Doomsday Prophecies: [Ask Men]

Ricky Gervais is annoyed by everything: [Huffington Post]

Robots Can't Act: Pulp Fiction: [Liquid Generation]

Ridiculous Fitness Infomercials: [Uncoached]

The noblest woman on the planet... nah, just kidding: [lemondrop]

Grand Theft Frogger: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Apparently the Norse were unsure of how to build a proper boat.
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.

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What your lady friend wants for Christmas: boob warmers! (Just trust us): [The Frisky]

The 17 Most Annoying Commercials of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Russians take Photoshop contests to a whole new level (minus the "shop" and plus the "guns"): [The Chive]

"Oh hey, 'sup, guys? A funeral, huh? For wh- why is my name on that tombstone?": [Asylum]

This guy makes 90k a year just by wearing T-shirts. In other news, Cracked interns quietly weep themselves sleep every night:[Fark]

We found this in Brockway's medicine cabinet: [I Am Bored]

The greatest butterfly there ever was: [College Humor]

Amateur Ninja Part II: [Adult Swim]

Hollywood is officially out of ideas: [Gunaxin]

Even further evidence that they've run out: [Mania]

Juggalo furries? The End of Days is upon us: [YouTube]
Thanks to skoora in the Mirth Canal.

10 Weirdest Sitcom Crossovers: [TV Munchies]

The Yankees may have won the World Series, but whose food was the best?: [Ask Men]

The Filipino Prisoners Present: Queen: [Huffington Post]

Mr. Miyagi returns from the grave: [Daily Breeze]
Thanks to Flyingsquid in the Mirth Canal.

Nobody believe Tiger when he said the green men were following him: [Uncoached]

How to survive a dry spell (of the sex variety): [lemondrop]

Six minutes of people doing stuff. Just... stuff (it's a slow news day): [College Humor]

Celebrity Phone Tap: Mel Gibson and Jesus H. Christ: [Liquid Generation]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: A list of cats with unaccredited diplomas.
Submitted by Leifkillburn.

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Finally, a legitimate reason to grow a mustache: to fight cancer: [Asylum] Craptions Contest before the Internet existed: [Black and WTF]
Thanks to BattleKitten in the Mirth Canal.

The best of Charlie Day's dance skills: [Huffington Post]

Carl weighs in on the World Series: [Adult Swim]

16 Robot Cats: [Geekpad Show]

The Sims Horror Movie: [College Humor]

The only Halloween party we cried about when we discovered we were not invited: [Ask Men]

Christopher Walken performs "Poker Face": [I Am Bored]

Bear kills two terrorists. Someone give that thing the Medal of Honor:[Fark]

The 15 Stupidest Products of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Four Hot Female Criminals: [Gunaxin]

10 Movies That Should Be in 3D (not included: Debbie Does Dallas): [Mania]

When Parties Go Wrong: A Facebook Tale: [College Humor]

Things went down hill for the Ewoks after the Battle of Endor ravaged their planet: [YouTube]
Thanks to sickandtired in the Mirth Canal.

The sexiest communists on the planet: [Uncoached]

We're not sure what Etsy is, but sign us up: [The Frisky]

The greatest sandwich in America: [lemondrop]

Escape from Scientology Land: [Liquid Generation]

American fatasses on scooters: [The Chive]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day (in honor of Movember): Notable mustaches throughout history.
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