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There's someone out there whose job is worse than yours. We're not talking about your friend whose boss made him work on Christmas. Even the orphan who's been running on a giant hamsters wheel for the past 72 hours, powering the massage chair that keeps us relaxed enough to write our articles has it better than somebody.

We asked you to show us who that somebody is. The winner is below, but first the runners up...

Entry by Ted E.

Entry 18
by Ted E.

Entry by ivecomehomenow

Entry 17
by ivecomehomenow

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Entry 2
by David Christopher Bell

And the winner is ...

Congrats, trey. You win money.

Entry 1
by trey

Want in on this?
If Real Life Was Like Facebook..

From "poking" you to sharing pictures they probably should have destroyed the moment they were taken, people do things on Facebook they wouldn't dream of doing in real life. But what if the real world was exactly like Facebook? Photoshop what that would look like, post it in the forums. The best entry will get $50.

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