5 Creepy Abandoned Rooms Found Hiding in Plain Sight

#2. A Collapsed World War I Bunker


When you hear "trench warfare," you picture either soldiers lying down face first in muddy ditches or khaki coats doing battle, but it's probably that first one. So when we talk about somebody accidentally stumbling across an old trench full of dead bodies from World War I, you'd probably just picture a bunch of bones in a ditch. But a lot of these trenches were actually the equivalent of tiny unfinished basements, which makes it that much weirder that one could go completely undiscovered for 90 years.

Via Spiegel.de
Especially one filled with all that valuable lumber.

Yet in 2010, French engineers looking to build a road discovered a German trench from 1918. In addition to housing the remains of 21 German soldiers who were killed by French shells, archaeologists discovered walls, floors, and a system for heating. At almost 400 feet long, the trench was more of a dirt hotel than a last-second hole in the ground. These guys had electricity and phone lines back when the rest of the world was still using telegrams and smoke signals. Oh, and beds. These guys had beds.

Via Spiegel.de
And sweet kicker ramps!

Workers also found a wine bottle, a mustard bottle, wallets, glasses, and rosary beads. They also found a French shell threaded on a rosary chain -- a macabre souvenir of life in the bunker. They also found the remains of a goat, which was most likely used for fresh milk underground. We hope.

Now, if these were French soldiers or American soldiers or, hell, Samoans, everyone would be clamoring for DNA testing to claim their long-lost granddad Malietoa. Not Germans. After 70 years of stuffing any nationalistic pride they had left into their delicious sausages, there was no way anyone was going to want to resurrect the bones of wars past.

Via Spiegel.de
"You start one-and-a-half world wars and no one ever lets you forget it."

#1. A Cold War Bomb Shelter Found in a High School

Hemera Technologies/Photos.com

One day at a high school in Auburn, California, somebody wondered what was behind the tiny little locked screen door in the weight room that nobody ever, ever used:

Via Kim Palaferri/Auburn Journal
We like to think they were playing a game of Die Hard and discovered it with bleeding feet.

And sitting behind it like an awful, paranoid Narnia was a long-forgotten room intended to survive Armageddon:

Via Kim Palaferri/Auburn Journal
"And here's where we keep our nuclear waste."

Back when the USSR and USA were in the middle of their nuclear staring contest, the civil defense department of the government sanctioned and funded bomb shelters all over the country. And officials at this high school went all-out for theirs -- they stocked the secret room with water, medicine, food, toilet paper, and LOTS of bottles of diarrhea medicine. Nuclear war was a huge diarrhea instigator, apparently.

Before the world was drinking bottled water, bomb shelter preppers were bagging water for doomsday. These bags of water are as clear as a summer sky. You could drink them now, if you wanted. And the decades-old food was likely more nutritious than whatever was being served in the cafeteria.

Via Kim Palaferri/Auburn Journal
"I'm not sure what it is, but you can bet your ass I'm eating it."

Among the civil-defense-issued goodies were hard biscuits, bandages, toilet liners, plastic cups, and tongue depressors, just in case they got bored and wanted to make crafts.

Well, shit, might as well seal it back up for when the zombies come.

Chris Sansone is a New York City-based writer and television production freelancer. Check out his website at www.clichedcoincidence.com or email him at sansone.cracked@gmail.com.

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