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With Human Giant set to debut on MTV next month, we thought we'd take a look back at some of our favorite moments from Aziz, Paul and Rob up to this point.


Ansari and Huebel play Samir and Bill (don't go making assumptions about who's who) New York' top talent agents for child actors. Shutterbugs was a regular "show" on Channel 102 and appears to be making a comeback as a recurring skit on Human Giant. Here' the episode that started it all, featuring the agents cursing their way through dialogue that would be hilarious even if it weren't about 5 year-old actors.


In case their habit of dressing up as General Zod and friends isn't enough obscure pop culture sampling for you, check out this spoof of the Billy Bob Thorton thriller, A Simple Plan.
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Paul and Aziz take on Criss Angel' Mindfreak. Ansari' ridiculous wig is worth the price of admission alone, but you also might want to keep an eye out for the impressive resume sported by Hubel' stunt man.

Aziz and Rob Google Themselves

Before they were big-time hot shots on MTV, Ansari and Hubel were regulars at the Upright Citizen' Brigade Theatre in New York. Here, they talk about Googling themselves, and the strange things that 14-year-old bloggers want to do to Rob' mouth.
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