5 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do

#2. A Computer Might Become Self-Aware At Any Moment

Worst Offender: WarGames

What Happened:
A teenage hacker (Matthew Broderick), using an early-80s computer that looks like it may have parts made of wood, accidentally hacks into NORAD' supercomputer (code named "WOPR") and finds out it is sentient and intends to launch a global nuclear war as a way to amuse itself.

Why It's Ridiculous:
That thing that qualified as a "supercomputer" in 1984? Your Xbox 360 is 500 times faster. Look it up. And, it' pretty hard to imagine your Xbox giving birth to sentience when what it calls "A.I." involves the enemies in a World War II shooter running confusedly into brick walls, face first.

In Real Life�
The microwave-sized IMSAI 8080 computer the hero used to take over the nation' nuclear missile fleet had 64KB of memory.

That means if it tried to open this article as a Word document, it'd get about half way through before it ran out.

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