The Best (Worst) Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Covers

Visit mysterious and sensual Tschai, renowned throughout the galaxy for their abundant natural supply of handjobs.

Cloud Castles: The story of Prince Arthus, the last unicorn of Drak-Halur, and Gerry, the man who rode around on his back.

I question the advertising value of proclaiming on a novels cover which actors were featured in the dramatization of that novel. Still, Barry Morse! Yes, the Barry Morse!

I ski all the time, and this has never happened to me. Maybe it' set in Europe? I don't know.

Actually, this is probably the best cover I've ever seen for any book, ever. I seriously want to read it to find out what the fuck is happening here.

Princess Shalalain escapes from a cabal of deadly assassins atop David Bowie.

Why, why, why must the future always involve skin-tight body suits? Why? Unless you're the pinnacle of human beauty (right), there' no possible way to look good in a body suit.

What the cover of the book doesn't reveal is that they're fighting over a girl.

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