Horror Movies

If half of Cracked's writers are also stand-up comedians, the other half are horror writers. That's obviously an exaggeration—we don't track data because numbers are the spookiest monster of all—but it sure feels true sometimes. So why do horror and comedy crossover so frequently that we did a whole article on how to make comedy horror? Is it because of the visceral, uncontrollable nature of totally losing yourself to a fit of the giggles and/or demon possession is secretly appealing? Or is Christmas murder just inherently funny/scary? Honestly, there might not be a funnier sentence than “Bill Goldberg stars as a demon St. Nick in 2005's Santa's Slay," but we'll try. 

Anyway, we love horror and horror's hilarious rules. We defend “dumb” horror movies, we dig “deep” horror movies. We watch horror movies to be better parents. And we'll happily play “Simpsons did it first” with monsters and night-stalkers and Hannibals Lecter. So check out all of our creepy-crawliest of horror articles below. No matter what time of year it is, it'll take you until Halloween to finish thanks to a curse we hired some witches to embed in the servers. Then, at Halloween, we'll have more articles about horror. Don't worry. You've always been here. 





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