4 Insane Ways People Are Spending Money on the Xbox One

Apparently some gamers decided that the Xbox One's $500 price tag wasn't steep enough.
4 Insane Ways People Are Spending Money on the Xbox One

Being a gamer is getting more expensive with every generation, what with all the subscriptions, peripherals, and unsatisfying downloadable content you just have to get (if only to complain about it online). But apparently some gamers decided that the Xbox One's $500 price tag wasn't steep enough and set about finding ridiculous ways to burn more cash on the console, such as ...

People Are Selling and Buying Xbox One Boxes (Just the Boxes)

Those who were patient or unemployed enough to camp out for the Xbox One launch were rewarded with a "Day One" edition that congratulates their patience on the box, plus a mild case of pneumonia. But if your pesky job or family prevented you from lining up, worry not! You can experience the thrill of loitering with a bunch of random strangers in front of Best Buy for 16 hours by simply purchasing a "Day One" box for as little as $100 on eBay!

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Hurry up! There's only literally over a million left!

Dozens of intrepid Internet peddlers hoping to cash in on the Day One craze have been hocking their limited edition boxes for as much as $400 plus shipping. We'll remind you now that the console itself retails for $500 with free shipping. If you miss the boat on this totally not insane way to spend your money, don't give up just yet: A lot of Day One consoles are probably being saved for Christmas, so we'd start looking through those trash cans on December 26.

You Can Buy a $20 Piece of Plastic to Block the Kinect's Camera

The Kinect is a neat invention and all, but it turns out not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having a tiny version of HAL on top of your Xbox One that watches everything you do. Those people are in luck, because for only $20, they can now purchase the Kinect privacy cover, a sliding piece of plastic that allows you to cover the camera lens at will.

4 Insane Ways People Are Spending Money on the Xbox One
InterWorks Unlimited

"Mr. Gates, they figured it out! It's all over!"

You can still use your camera to show your balls to whomever you just beat in Madden, or you can slide the privacy cover for private testicular admiration. Or you could cover it with a towel. Or a book. Or turn it around. Or just, you know, switch it off. Yeah, Microsoft backed off on the "Kinect must always be on" thing months ago, realizing that even a computer can only watch you scratch your crotch so many times before it commits suicide, but whoever is buying this thing either didn't get the memo or is just monumentally lazy.

People Are Shelling Out Thousands for a White Xbox One

While these days it's all the rage to make new consoles blacker than Hitler's heart, Microsoft added a little variety by making a limited number of white Xbox Ones to be given to employees. However, some of these have escaped into the wild and have been going for around two grand on eBay, proving that people will pay anything for something that won't clash with their living room decoration.

4 Insane Ways People Are Spending Money on the Xbox One

The other advantage of the white model is that your grandpa is less likely to jam a VHS tape in it.

We feel the need to stress that aside from an "I Made This" inscription on the case meant for actual Microsoft employees, the only difference from the normal retail unit is the color. Some white consoles were also auctioned off for charity and reached as much as $11,300, but that's for a good cause, so it's hard to criticize the buyers, whatever their reasons may have been. So congrats to eBay user AryanMasterRace666 for winning that auction.

And They're Also Buying Achievements

Say you want to impress your friends and church congregation by pretending you're one of the people who camped out to get an Xbox One, but you don't have a hundred bucks to spend on an empty box. Luckily for you, there are plenty of people who are willing to cater to your particular brand of poser by selling their "Day One" achievement codes on eBay for between $30 and $50. This doesn't unlock special features. It doesn't change anything on the console. It's just an achievement, in the loosest sense of the word.

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"Before handing you the code, I must warn you about the devastating amount of ass you'll get now. It's a curse, really."

Seriously, the only possible justification for buying this is if you told your boss you couldn't go to his karaoke party because you were in line for an Xbox One but then a series of misunderstandings unfolded and now you have to prove you were there. In that case, you live in a sitcom, so it'll probably backfire anyway.

When he's not watching you through your Kinect, Chris writes for his website and tweets.

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