4 Corporate Logos That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

You would think multi-million-dollar corporations would be more careful in managing their brands.
4 Corporate Logos That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

Keeping a brand new and fresh is a constant challenge for advertisers, as they must court an audience who has the attention span of a child having a birthday party in a candy factory on Planet Cocaine.

So you would think that most multi-million-dollar corporations would be careful to avoid logos that provoke a wicked case of "the church titters" among that large demographic who overuse the word "titter." But no, companies don't, and we titter, and titter and titter and titter.

Tesco: "Drink Our Nut Butter/Man Milk!"

You know what everyone likes to think about when they're drinking a big, hearty glass of buttermilk? Semen! (Also, why the hell are you drinking straight buttermilk?) Anyway, that's apparently what the design team at the grocery chain Tesco was thinking when they produced these cartons of milk, which depict either a LEGO pitcher trapped inside normal-sized testicles or an average jug cocooned in ogre genitals, perhaps those of beloved man-monster Shrek.


Yes, this design was an udder massackre.

For those of you looking to own this groundbreaking piece of dairy-balls marketing synergy as a cherished family heirloom, you'll have to A) travel to Ireland, and B) explain to your grandchildren why you're giving them a decaying box of calcium with a scrotum on it. Trust us, it will all be worth it.

Hershey's Rebrands the Poo Emoji

When the Hershey Company first debuted, it was a simpler time, when a boring old chocolate bar could score you millions of dollars and your own goddamn town. But in the intervening years, our world has become a pulsating termite hive of farts and profanity, so it's understandable that wholesome ol' Hershey could produce this logo without realizing they had shit the bed.


Well, at least their new logo isn't a whorehouse.

The kids these days with their molly and their YouPhones can immediately spot the problem, though: the new logo looks like the poop emoji. Go ahead, pull out your phone, mentally superimpose some googly eyes on it, and compare.

4 Corporate Logos That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

Look at those shit-eating grins. They know. Oh, they know.

Hershey didn't respond to the ridicule, but given that their brand name has been slang for all things butt since the invention of middle school, maybe they've just given up.

4 Corporate Logos That Backfired in Hilarious Ways

Coke Wants You to Be "on Coke"

In the era of textspeak, it's easy to forget that punctuation is important. Remove the commas from the sentence "Help your friend, Jack, off his horse" and you can see right away how those simple omissions can go horribly wrong. And no one on Coca-Cola's payroll got that grammatical memo, thereby resulting in an ad campaign that inadvertently accuses passers-by of being high as dicks.

YOU'RE ON Diet Coke
David Roth

"Sorry, but if I'm on coke I won't need to settle for shitty diet flavors."

Placing the slogan below the logo or simply adding a period could have averted disaster, but the grammar gods chose to smile on us instead. These print ads were accompanied by a TV commercial showing Taylor Swift and ambitious youngsters facing challenging situations and getting psyched up by downing Coke, which was essentially the plot of Flight.

Proving that no hole is too deep to keep digging, Coke's general manager explained that the campaign is about how Coke gives you an "uplift for those moments when you really need to be on," which is an excuse no one has ever used to justify drug abuse.

This Yacht Company Just Did Not Think Things Through

In another happy accident of word placement gone wrong, U.K. luxury yacht builders Pendennis decided to emblazon their name across the sides of the company's vans. What they failed to take into account was what the logo would look like when the van's door is open:

William Tregidgo

"Door's open; cum inside!"

If there was ever an argument for intelligent design, this is it. Fuck the human eye -- this is way too perfect to have happened by accident.

Amazingly, the company was completely oblivious about their wiener-mobile until a random passerby did a double-take, took a picture, and posted it on Twitter, where it was retweeted more than 6,000 times. We like to think he wasn't the first to notice, though -- it's just that snooty British yacht owners would rather eat their monocles than address the riff-raff.

Determined to out-English their customers, the company leveraged their moment in the spotlight to raise funds for testicular cancer with the passive-aggressive message: "If you have laughed at our van graphics, feel free to donate."

Pendennis Super Yachts

"Also, enjoy the complimentary set-up for the world's easiest shrinkage joke."

Manna sees dongs everywhere and often reports her findings on Twitter.

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