3 Reasons Why The Rock Might Be Superhuman


There are very few actors who can pull off the superhuman look: Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and possibly Bruce Willis, provided his chin doesn't disappear any further into his neck. However, only one action star actually behaves like a superhuman, and that's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. If his recent escapades are any indication, he apparently crash landed on Earth in a space bassinet and is only just now discovering the extent of his alien abilities.

3 Reasons Why The Rock Might Be Superhuman
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One of which is the power to wear that outfit without looking like a douche.

The Rock Is in Every Movie Being Made

The Rock has already been in six movies so far this year. On average, that's one movie every month, and that's more than Daniel Day-Lewis has been in for an entire decade (although in Daniel's defense, the Rock has a slightly different set of criteria in place for selecting his roles). If the Rock were an actual superhero, his power would be acting in movies, and his archnemesis would be Nicolas Cage.

Furthermore, for four of the past six months, at least one of the Rock's movies was in the top 10 at the box office. So he isn't just starring in whatever bullshit comes across his desk (see Nicolas "Bangkok Dangerous and Drive Angry" Cage, above). On top of all that, he's made a few wrestling appearances and is even hosting The Hero, a new reality competition on TNT where he oversees a group of contestants as they fail to match his athleticism.


"It's OK. You never really had a chance."

That would be a pretty full schedule for anyone, movie star or not, but the Rock is also preparing to star as Hercules in an upcoming film that will hopefully rival Schwarzenegger's Hercules in New York in terms of cinematic achievement.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER HERCULES iN NEW YORK SE M Featuringg arigiaal Arnole's s track udfi

And the Rock's voice won't be dubbed over.

The Rock Must Constantly Chisel His Body into Hewn Granite

"Big deal," you might be saying. "Every actor is preparing to star in one thing or another." That's true, but whereas Will Ferrell's "preparation" for Anchorman 2 involved growing a mustache, the Rock's "preparation" for Hercules is essentially the training regimen of a professional athlete (which, due to his continuing wrestling appearances, he technically is). Incidentally, the Rock might be starring in Terminator 5 alongside Schwarzenegger right after he's finished with Hercules, at which point we assume the Hercules in New York discussion will take place.

The Rock Is Everywhere on the Planet at Any Given Time

With all of this work on his plate, the Rock must be filming everything in his backyard, or down the street from his house at the most, right? Nope. The man is flying around the world like Carmen Sandiego. For example, he was in Panama filming The Hero one day, delivering a motivational speech at a prison the next, and then taking off to London, Scotland, and the Canary Islands to shoot Fast and Furious 6 shortly thereafter.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock 9bh 4:57am. Budapest. Caffeine ingested. Teef brushed. AM cardio in 3.. 2.. #Thuglife Expand

He has either a fleet of private jets like Tony Stark or a rocket-booted iron suit like Tony Stark. Or he can just leap into the air and fly like a Kryptonian.

The only reason the Rock stopped wrestling during all of this was because of a pretty serious hernia he suffered during Wrestlemania, which is the biggest pro-wrestling event in the world. However, considering what we know about him, the Rock's healing power will kick in and he'll soon be making simultaneous wrestling appearances in both Ohio and Texas while filming a television show and three movies and showing up at an inner city rec center to tell at-risk youths to stay in school. He's more superhuman than his character in The Mummy Returns, and that guy could turn into a giant scorpion.

3 Reasons Why The Rock Might Be Superhuman

Whereas his character in Walking Tall possessed the ability to beat justice into a community with a wooden fencepost.

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