23 Jokes That Never Made It Into Our Best Videos


Comedians are intolerable. From a distance they're fun, doing jokes under a spotlight, or in bars, or from the back corner of their hay-lined cages, but spending time alone with even one is exhausting. They need an awful lot of attention, and worst of all, they never, ever stop. Point in case, for every video we make at Cracked, you only get to see about 10 percent of the jokes because the rest are buried in sections of the script no one will ever notice. It's unfair to even compare them to icebergs because icebergs at least amount to some sort of point. No, these are just burned jokes, and not always good jokes, that the writers hide in scripts for no reason other than to make themselves giggle at their own cleverness. At least that was the case until now. We compiled all of them for you here, like a Cracked Video Easter Egg no one asked for, or potentially wanted. So enjoy, I guess.

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