Sometime around when Donald Trump started winning state primaries a year ago, the national mood went from, "Damn Daniel," to "oh fuck we're actually going to die in a rain of nuclear hellfire." That happens when a sitting US President attacks an almost-nuclear state on Twitter, as was the case a few weekends ago.

With climate change, market instability, loss of privacy, the rise of fascism and a hair-triggered President all coming to a boil around the same time, it's understandable for images of apocalypse and dystopia to weigh heavily on the mind.

So, this week the Cracked Podcast is doing an apocalypse grab-bag. Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked's Alex Schmidt and Saundra Sorenson to talk about bizarre apocalypse-level events that already happened and stories from places like Nigeria, Iraq, the Philippines and even Canada, where either natural disaster, terrorism or totalitarian government have turned everyday life into a dystopia.

Throw on your headphones and click "Play" above, go here to subscribe on iTunes, or download it here.


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