9 Times Pop Culture Accidentally Taught People To Save Lives

Not all heroes wear capes. Many of them wear their Netflix Binge Sweatpants.
9 Times Pop Culture Accidentally Taught People To Save Lives

Movies, TV, gaming: three things that are theoretically a waste of time. Oh sure, they deliver value in the art sense, and comfort in the goofing-off sense. But what if they're more valuable than that? What if consuming shows and playing video games (accidentally) turns people into real-life heroes? On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by comedians/writers Caitlin Gill and Alex Watt for a look at the surprising number of times that exact thing happened. They'll explore stories of regular people who saved a life thanks to skills gained randomly from cartoons, sitcoms, 'World Of Warcraft', and more silly entertainment.


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