14 Polls That Explain America (And Raise Huge New Questions)


Empathy is down 40% among American young people. That's the finding of a study analyzing dozens of other studies across decades of responses. That also sounds sort of insane -- if nothing else, empathy might not be something you think percentages can measure. But what if it is measurable that way? And what if poll responses about empathy, morality, and dogs in mortal danger open up cans of worms so enormous there's no way to contain them in a single podcast episode?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt sits down with Jason Pargin (who writes for Cracked as David Wong) to explore a range of polls, studies, and self-reported opinions that say an insane amount about who Americans really are. You'll discover the shocking estimated truth about America's pornography habits, vaccine paranoia, faith in a higher power, and other critical factors that format society. Also get excited about wondering a whole new set of questions, covering everything from trolley problems to shower multitasking.


"20 Facts That Will Make You Understand America (Or Not)" by David Wong (Cracked)

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"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." -- Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Mother Night (1962)

The trolley dilemma: would you kill one person to save five? (The Conversation)

Matthew 19:16-26 -- The "Rich Young Ruler" story (Bible Gateway)

Why Democrats Struggle To Mobilize A 'Religious Left' (FiveThirtyEight)

The Potency of Republicans' Hamburger Lie (The New Republic)

Why Conservatives Won't Stop Talking About Burgers (Eater)

Americans' meat consumption set to hit a record in 2018 (The Seattle Times)

Graham declines to condemn racist Trump tweets and calls Democratic congresswomen 'a bunch of communists' (CNN)

'In God We Trust' becomes nation's motto, July 30, 1956 (Politico)

80 Percent of People Pee In the Shower (Shape)

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