29 Examples of Flawed Technology That Shouldn’t Exist

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Theres tech for everything. Need your daily steps measured? No problem. Need to know exactly how much money you have in the bank? Got it. Need to hover 65 feet off the ground and shoot lasers for miles? Okay, we dont have that one yet, but its most assuredly coming.

In what is clearly a transparent grab to get you to buy new stuff, companies are constantly rolling out fancy new gadgets and technology. But because of that push, were surrounded by tech that either needs to be retired or never should have been invented in the first place. Even the most decent product now comes with features that add nothing to its usefulness, or, even more annoyingly, actually make it worse.

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CRACKED COM I shouldn't need dongles to make my laptop functional, but Apple decided to go all-in on USB-C.

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TLESATOR XLERATOR Hand dryers seem sanitary, but they actually spread bacteria and fecal matter by blowing it around the air.
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