Trends come and go, but some never seem to die. Even though they're annoying, we just can't help but keep them around. Here are a few examples of 'modern' trends that are actually older than you think. Can you believe it?

We prefer to believe that the modern-day annoyances we have to deal with are unique to us. However, owing to some diligent research on the part of our readers, it turns out that the type of nonsense we have tolerated has been around for ages. 

We all know that feeling. You're scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see yet another 'modern' trend that you're apparently too old to participate in. But did you know that most of these trends are actually older than you think? Keep reading to learn more about some of the most annoying modern trends that are actually ancient relics!

Keep scrolling and discover some ‘modern’ trends that are actually older than you realize…

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Entry by j21

VLEA VAAIN isn't exclusive to urb an kids and spray cans. These gems were found at the ashes of Pompeii: My Weep, you girls. has given you penis Now

Entry by j21

Your mama jokes are way older than modern times. Shakespeare, for one, wasn't averse to throwing them into his works: Painter: Y'are a dog. Apeman


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