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A character is only as interesting as his or her quirks. The thing is, sometimes a set of character traits is actually (and sometimes inadvertently) symptomatic of a medical condition. We asked our readers to put on their lab coats and wildly speculate about the mental or physical medical disorders well-known pop culture icons are suffering from.

Disclaimer: Please take these with a grain of salt. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose a medical condition. We're just random internet dudes who like to make memes.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Luna Lovegood could be anemic. She's very pale- one typical symptom. And people with anemia can have mildly reduced cognitive function, which could ex

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKED CON Butch Coolidge is battling Chronle hronic Taunatie raumatic Encepharepathy. Incephalopathy. Aggressive I Impulsive Irritable Apathetic Tak

Entry by Andrea Meno

Raymond Holt might be a psychopath. hithxr CTY NOEA His almost scary calmness in just about any situation is a hallmark of psychopathy -the so-called

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