"Stereotypes help you save time." -From The Onion.

Stereotypes are popular in Hollywood, and for a good reason. They're a kind of lazy shorthand for swiftly conveying a concept, and they save writers a lot of time and effort. This allows them more time to do whatever authors do in their spare time. That meant going to the bar if you were Charles Bukowski. Raymond Chandler was the same way. 

Today, I'm not sure, but writers in the past mostly lived in taverns.

The issue is that movies do not live in a vacuum. They're sort of living documents that have a lot of sways. As a result, the frequently odd assumptions about people made in movies find their way into the worldwide shared consciousness, and everyone believes them to be true. That's unjust because we like to make amends whenever feasible around here.

As a result, we invited our readers to consider the strange views about women that movies and television broadcast.

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