Mental Health Facts That Most People Get Wrong

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Mental Health Facts That Most People Get Wrong

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Mental health problems are incredibly pervasive, and widely misunderstood. We're here to dispel some myths and spread some sweet, smart facts about mental health, mental illness, and psychological well-being.

Reddit can help your depression. By examining the language used by people spending time on a subreddit for depression, a recent study found that those
Peaple with dissaciative identity disarder can have alternate persanalities that are violent and crazy... .right? Wrong. While many DID systems do hav
Research on seasonal effects on suicide rates suggests that suicide attempts OCCUr more frequently in the springtime, contrary to the popular belief t
You probably think that disturbing, unwanted thoughts are limited to people diagnosed with OCD. wvRY In reality, 94% of all people experience intrusiv
Unsurprisingly, mental illness frequently results in poverty, because of lack of employment, higher health care costs, and stigmatization. MENTAL POVE
HIGH FUNCTIONING DEPRESSION is a real thing. WORLD'S BEST BOSS Someone with depression can be productive, successful and appear motivated but still SU
Mental Health Facts That Most People Get Wrong
A VAST MAJORITY OF MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE ARE NOT VIOLENT. A study from 2015 found that most violent behavior is due to factors other than mental illnes
CRACKED.COM IT XI I X EX I IV Depression and suicide cases increase during the transition of daylight saving time. - An Australian study found an incr
People with obsessive-compulsive disorder minimally spend an hour a day dwelling on their thoughts and rituals. That's over 2 weeks each year of needl
People with schizophrenia do not have multiple personalities. Schizophrenia is often confused with dissociative identity disorder because it comes fro
CRACKED CO COM The World Health Organization (WHO) included GAMING DISORDER in the list of mental health conditions in 2018. CAMINC DISORDER - Obsessi
CRACKEDcO Eating disorders in men have risen to about the same rate as among women. Previously thought to be dominant among women, the rate of hospita
Mental disorders lead to physical can health problems. Depressed people have a high level of cortisol, the stress hormone which can increase the risk
Is the glass half empty or half full? Your answer may depend on your genetics. There is a gene that makes some people feel emotions more vividly, part
A CHOLD cannot be as a PSYCHOPATH or a SOCIOPATH. Children may exhibit psychopathic or sociopathic behaviors, but LESS THAN 40% grow up to develop soc
MYTH: Mental illness is rare. FACT: Aecording to the National Institute ofMental Health, OVEP 18%6 of Americans suffered from mental illness in 2016.
Your brain needs hydration to function properly. Dehydration, even in small amounts, such as sweating from a mild session on a treadmill, can impair m
ORACKED COM Stress can shrink your brain. Prolonged stress and depression can stop synapses from forming in your brain, which can stunt cognition and
CRACKEDcO COM Past suicide victims include: 3 Oscar winners 2 Grammy winners 1 Pulitzer Prize winner 2 Presidents 1 Olympic gold medallist 2 Nobel Pri
In America, the vast majority of those institutionalized with mental illness are no longer in mental hospitals but in prison or jail. Out of sight...
ANYTHING CRACKEDCOR can become an ADDICTION! Most people associate addiction with alcohol and hard drugs. But behavioral addictions can be just as ser
People seem to think that CRACKEDCON Venting helps YoU get over your anger. According to psychologists, Behaviors like venting, ranting or blowing of
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