27 Impressive (And Nerdy) Accomplishments


We may hold actual nerds in little regard -- mocking their favorite activities and hobbies as wastes of times. But some nerds shrug it off and keep going; right until they're more famous than any of us will ever be. We asked our readers to show those who have achieved that fame, and gave $200 to the winner ...

(Nikola Tesla's life's work is insanely impressive ... even though he lost half of it in a fire. Read The De-Textbook and become even more astounded by the Internet's favorite scientist.)

Entry by MelJel

CRACKED COME In 2010, 21-year-old Lisa Courtney set the Guinness World Record for biggest Pokemon collection, with over 13.000 pieces of Pokemon merch

Entry by Danzy

Some geeks over at Westeroscraft.com are using Minecraft to build the world of A Game of Thrones. All of i t. The map is currently 35 gigabites in fil

Entry by Diec

a Gran Turismo player-turned-professional racecar driver Meet Lucas Ordonez NISSAN cr ACADEMY alory rAL TOTAL 26 Payst After beating out 5.000 other g

Entry by mkad

GANGDU Ralph E. Whittington Erotic Archivist 8 B, Appeintmeat Oaly PAMELA ANDENSON ANAL INTRUDER Ralph E. Whittington, a former curator at the LibraTY

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