27 Impressive (And Nerdy) Accomplishments

We can mock nerds, but some of them will be more famous than we can possibly imagine.
27 Impressive (And Nerdy) Accomplishments

We may hold actual nerds in little regard -- mocking their favorite activities and hobbies as wastes of times. But some nerds shrug it off and keep going; right until they're more famous than any of us will ever be. We asked our readers to show those who have achieved that fame, and gave $200 to the winner ...

(Nikola Tesla's life's work is insanely impressive ... even though he lost half of it in a fire. Read The De-Textbook and become even more astounded by the Internet's favorite scientist.)

CRACKEDOON A team of 32 people built the world's largest LEGO model of the Star Wars X-wing Starfighter. It took 17, 336 hours to construct, it contai
RAIDEFS AIDERS ot the LOSTARK THE ADAPTATION In 1982, two superfans decided to do a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They were 10 and
5TAR VADER'S OBFVA Steve Sansweet has the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia. The collection consists of roughly 300,000 toys, pinbal
Mark Dermul found out that the iconic structure which used to house Luke Skywalker has decayed severely on his trip to the landmark. Together with his
Rich Weissensel has spent many working on these DeLoreans8 A monster truck ninurmintmnm A convertible A limousine And yes, a hovercraft!
CRACKED COME In 2010, 21-year-old Lisa Courtney set the Guinness World Record for biggest Pokemon collection, with over 13.000 pieces of Pokemon merch
To demonstrate the flaws that still remain in airport security, independent researcher Evan Booth went through the TSA checkpoints and then weaponized
CRACKED Con On April 12, 1964, U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer played an exhibition match against 50 players at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood
The Hara Model Railway Museum, in Japan, houses a 13,000 square feet exhibition with around 1,000 model trains 12 13 All of them collected -or built -
Some geeks over at Westeroscraft.com are using Minecraft to build the world of A Game of Thrones. All of i t. The map is currently 35 gigabites in fil
AERO atlak Meia T RUDORPERO fero Continente EN elcontnene M. RESERVAS A. Z. 242 4242 Westingel ADAMAIR COES Welcome. to Bruce Kelly's Barf Bag Collect
This is a property owned by Mr. Vince Donovan in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He is such a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's that he has had a Hobbit Hous
Man builds $2,000,000 BATCAVE cinema Complete with a bat computer, secret passages and much more
GRACKEDOG This is Lee Jaedong. He CONT is a professional Starcraft player Since 2007 he has currently signed to team Evil Geniuses. made $500,000 from
British amateur actress and fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy Kate Madison (left) spent six years and her entire life savings (E8000 and a further
CRACKEDco ITFTT 1111111111 U TAET An artist from Iowa, Patrick Acton has single-handedly built a detailed replica of Hogwarts from 602,000 matchsticks
The Vintage Vault sLL Vintage Yault (CJoUst Rreade aad Gomeroom WEIGHTBALO OPEN The Vintage Vault may look like a commercial arcade, but it's actually
81a1l Miniatur Wunderland (in Hamburg, Germany) is the largest model railway in the world built by the twins Gerrit and Frederik Braun. It consists of
If you are A huge fan of Game of Thrones, this might be the ultimate collectible! A breeder in Oregon, Lois Schwarz, has started the Dire Wolf Proje
AuraChannelerChris, a 21-year-old fan fiction writer from Arizona, has composed The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, fan fiction based a on Super
20 German Star Wars fans have built a life-size replica of the TIE Fighter. PROECT The model is 4.30 meters high, 5.30 meters wide and has a length of
Remember that early episode of The Simpsons where Homer designs a car for his brother Herb, but the car is So ugly and costly it ends up ruining Herb'
aas Paul Mawhinney bought his first record in 1951 and has been collecting ever since. There are over million records, it's now 3 the largest collecti
a Gran Turismo player-turned-professional racecar driver Meet Lucas Ordonez NISSAN cr ACADEMY alory rAL TOTAL 26 Payst After beating out 5.000 other g
The Planet Hunters project allows space geeks to analyze NASA public data at home, in search of new planets. So far, the participants were able to dis
GANGDU Ralph E. Whittington Erotic Archivist 8 B, Appeintmeat Oaly PAMELA ANDENSON ANAL INTRUDER Ralph E. Whittington, a former curator at the LibraTY

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