27 Impressive (And Nerdy) Accomplishments


We may hold actual nerds in little regard -- mocking their favorite activities and hobbies as wastes of times. But some nerds shrug it off and keep going; right until they're more famous than any of us will ever be. We asked our readers to show those who have achieved that fame, and gave $200 to the winner ...

(Nikola Tesla's life's work is insanely impressive ... even though he lost half of it in a fire. Read The De-Textbook and become even more astounded by the Internet's favorite scientist.)

Entry by MelJel

CRACKED COME In 2010, 21-year-old Lisa Courtney set the Guinness World Record for biggest Pokemon collection, with over 13.000 pieces of Pokemon merch

Entry by mkad

GANGDU Ralph E. Whittington Erotic Archivist 8 B, Appeintmeat Oaly PAMELA ANDENSON ANAL INTRUDER Ralph E. Whittington, a former curator at the LibraTY

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